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Stockholm Public Library

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Erik Gunnar Asplund
location Stockholm
function library
contributed by Maarten_Scheurwater

Like many of Asplund’s other projects the Stockholm City Library (1920-1928) went through numerous modifications and alterations during the design process. Unlike most of his major projects, the design work of the Library was assigned to him without a normally required competition. This arrangement provided Asplund the opportunity to develop his design in a more relaxed manner. Eventually the design was a round hall surrounded by staircases, a tall cylinder with an opaque glazing in the roof lights. The base of the building is a square. The combination of spherical and cubic forms was a frequent motif, which can be found in both Asplund’s earlier projects and those of his contemporaries. A strict, symmetrical variation of this motif can be seen as a product of the search for innate aesthetic value of forms in the context of Classical Revival.

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Stockholm Public Library
Odengatan 63
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Completion 1928
ArchitectErik Gunnar Asplund
Client City of Stockholm
Project ID 657
Latitude/Longitude 59°20'37N 18°03'15E
Contributed by Maarten_Scheurwater
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