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Elsässertor II

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Herzog and De Meuron
location Basel
function commercial space, office, restaurant
contributed by evanc

This commercial and office building next to Basel's main train station sits between the train tracks and the Centralbahnstrasse, a major thoroughfare. The façades along the building's length (facing the street and the tracks) consist of floor-height glass panels tilted at various angles, giving off a fractured reflection of the surrounding historic context. The shorter sides of the building are indented to allow for open public space. These façades are a double-skin, with the outer layer of glass screen-printed with a colored dot pattern (red on one side, blue on the other). This gives a soft colored glow to the exterior, but (unlike tinted glass) allows clear daylight into the office interior.

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Elsässertor II
Centralbahnstrasse 4
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Completion 2005
ArchitectHerzog and De Meuron
Project ID 2227
Latitude/Longitude 47°32'54N 07°35'16E
Contributed by evanc
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