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Giardin Housing Complex

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Kurt & Mierta Lazzarini Architekten
location Samedan
function housing, private house
contributed by dkas

The village of Samedan has a compact, almost urban core, surrounded by occasional dwellings that comprise a looser structure. A detached family residence and apartment building with family units were built on the border between these two characteristic features. The idea emerged of terracing the slope - a common practice in this locality for centuries. On 3 parallel terraces rising one behind the other on the incline, there are 3 structures, each with a slightly trapezoid ground plan and underground garage. The tower-like, 5-storey apartment building with family units occupies the highest level and thrones over the buildings at its feet. Local traditional construction methods are reflected in the narrow alleys between the houses and asymmetrical arrangement of the window openings. The buildings were constructed of dyed stamped concrete, lending them an air of solidity. Their colours harmonise well with the locality‘s historic stone and plaster buildings. [text by]

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Giardin Housing Complex
Bügl da la Nina 19
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