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Therme Vals

44 ratings
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Peter Zumthor
location Vals
function spa
contributed by MI_MOA

With the only thermal spring in Graubünden, the Therme Spa is a stunning landmark built from 60 000 stone slabs of Valser quartzite. Stone by stone. The combinations of light and shade, open and enclosed spaces and linear elements make for a highly sensuous and restorative experience. Only two years after its completion the Therme was listed as a protected building. It has been described as “a lesson in combining audacity with aesthetics“, “a totally unique, yet traditional spa and therapeutic centre that is the last word in peaceful sensuality“, and “a world first in spas”. The Vals quartzite quarried just two kilometres from where the building stands. The great slabs of the roof are grassed over: sections of flower studded alpine meadow.

4026 says:
cannot understand why it's so highly praised.
moderately good architecture but not a masterpiece in my opinion.
maybe it's a problem with maintenance but parts of the interior look quite tacky.
è qui che il 'Grande Maestro' cura le sue groste da psoriasi! che merda
lecco, Italy 14-Jul-13
Zrinka says:
this place is absolutely amazing.. you must go there
DCA-Da says:
Amazing experience. We stayed in nice people, not expensive, common kitchen, great place for those with the mountain spirit. Only 500m from the thermes.
Vals is also a great place for mountain biking go to the Tomülpass, sublime !
Strasbourg, France 17-Aug-12
Marija_B says:
Love at first sight and touch of water and stone...!
Belgrade, Serbia 28-Mar-11
davidb says:
Simply wonderful. If you can afford it, stay in one of the "Temporary" rooms, and enjoy dinner in the Red Restaurant - the food is excellent and the staff are amongst the friendliest my Wife and I have ever encountered. As a hotel guest, the spa is available outside normal hours. At certain times it is open at night. Swimming under the stars is popular and magical! My Wife also recommends the spa treatments! If you can only visit for a day, take your bathing suit and enter as a day visitor (after 11.00). Go early because it can get busy! If you go for a drink in the bar, there's usually live jazz being played in the evenings.
Kingswinford, United Kingdom 03-Jan-11
May I mention that the lighting has been designed with Viabizzuno?
Zurich, Switzerland 05-Aug-10
DDetM says:
you must see and enjoy it!
Gorizia, Italy 30-May-10
Masterpiece. Space, water, and light joined in wonderful design. Congratulations Peter.
Madrid, Spain 25-Aug-09
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Therme Vals
Hotel Therme
Project is public!
Opening hours daily: 11:00 - 20:00. Season 2006/2007: 17th June 2006 – 9th April 2007. Season 2007/2008: 26 May 2007 - 30 March 2008. Open to children from 5 years old. The bathing facilities are open to Hotel Therme guests from 07:00. Night bathing for hotel guests: Sunday: 22.30 - 24.00. Wednesday: 22:30 - 24:00. Thursday: 22:30 - 24:00.
How to get there? Car: from Zürich take the high-way to Chur. 8 kms after Chur follow signs to Flims / Laax / Ilanz. In Ilanz follow signs for Vals which lead to the entrance of Vals valley. If you choose to take the route over "Oberalppass", only open in summer, you have to leave the main road in Ilanz too. Train: From Zürich Kloten airport, train to Zürich HB Central station. From there, train for Chur. In Chur, change to Ilanz/Disentis. In Ilanz take a bus to Vals. Zurich Kloten to Vals is about 200 km.
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Completion 1996
Cost € 16500000,-
ArchitectPeter Zumthor
lighting designerViabizzuno
Client Hotel und Thermalbad Vals AG
Project ID 775
Latitude/Longitude 46°37'21N 09°10'52E
Contributed by MI_MOA
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