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Evolution Design
location Zurich
function office
contributed by EvolutionDesign

This exclusive office building is situated within a beautiful cluster of mature trees and generates its geometry directly from its surroundings. The building forms an opening spiral and creates a new concept for office buildings. All office spaces are openly arranged along the internal circulation ramp, which leads around a stunning internal atrium.

LinDa says:
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Wroclaw says:
Zapraszamy serdecznie na nasza nowa strone dla miasta Wroclaw odzyskiwanie danych z telefonu Wroclaw Wroclaw odzyskiwanie danych z telefonu Wroclaw
diy asic miner says:
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May I (proudly) mention we did the lighting?
See some pictures here
Zurich, Switzerland 04-Aug-10
Herman says:
How can you get in.
The building is definitelly good from outside.
Very interesting.
London sept-2009
DuDe says:
The inside looks great!
The Hague, Monaco 13-Mar-09
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Seefeldstrasse 287
Public access unknown!
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Completion 2007
Floor area/size 1950 m2
Architect, Interior architectEvolution Design
lighting designerModular Lighting
Client Swiss Life
Project ID 3533
Latitude/Longitude 47°20'53N 08°33'51E
Contributed by EvolutionDesign
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