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AA School of Architecture
location London
function art, sculpture
contributed by Joao_Sousa

Driftwood - the AA Summer Pavilion 2009 - was designed by concept designer Danecia Sibingo, a 3rd-year student, and her team of Lyn Hayek, Yoojin Kim, Taeyoung Lee, Suram Choi, Kyungtae Jung, Jerome Tsui, Feras El Attai, Rama Nshiewat, Camille Steyaert, Hisashi Kato and Ryan Phanphensophon. Apparently it "provides a thoughtful, provoking reminder of the UK's inextricable link to the sea - its undulating form created by the motion of the water, carried by waves and coming to rest in busy central London" (text from

Naomi says:
The same goes for the Showcase Pavilion by 3xN in Humlebæk, Denmark : also a pavilion / object
Amsterdam, Netherlands 14-Sep-16
Excellent project and spatial experience. Connecting to the sea is an important statement for London and the Thames. I believe the execution was good for student architects. Danecia is extremely talented and her work will go far in London and the world.
Nashville, United States 11-Apr-16
kallah says:
...a temporary pavilion (summer 2009...gone!
Even though the it has an interesting concept behind the form, this pavilion has a pour execution that you only notice when you approach the wooden walls. Also I find it interesting why they call an open structure a pavilion, since it is only built of walls.
Porto, Portugal 22-Jul-09
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Bedford Square
United Kingdom
Project is public!
Opening hours 24/7 / The work is on display until 25 July 2009.
How to get there? A short walk from Tottenham Court Road Station, Oxford Street, Russell Square and the British Museum.
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Completion 7- 2009
Architect, Landscape architect, Urban plannerAA School of Architecture
artistDanecia Sibingo
associate architectDanecia Sibingo
Client AA School of Architecture
Project ID 4570
Latitude/Longitude 51°31'08N 00°07'52W
Contributed by Joao_Sousa
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