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The Big Blue 2000

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Ron Arad
location London
function pavilion
contributed by Marieke_Mannens

Situated in Canada Square, this was designed both as the skylight of the shopping mall below and as a sculptural image above ground, especially when the blue lights around it reflect off the curved under-surface. Many of the locals refer to it as the "Flying Saucer". The Big Blue is a huge, asymmetric glass fibre object which rests on a ring of structural glazing, making it appear as if it were floating above the ground. Its bold sci-fi looks are typical of the vitality Arad brings to all his commissions and exemplifies the way in which he has made the avant-garde accessible.

Sam says:
Spacecraft-like!! AWESOME! :)
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The Big Blue 2000
Canada Square 10
United Kingdom
Project is public!
Opening hours 24/7 situated in public space.
How to get there? London Underground Jubilee Line to Canary Wharf. River Travel from the Embankment to Canary Wharf throughout the day. Parking: Follow signs for Cabot Square or Canada Square car parks. Cabot Square is accessed from the lower level of Westferry Circus roundabout.
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Completion 1998
Landscape architect, Interior architectRon Arad
Client Canary Wharf Group
Project ID 305
Latitude/Longitude 51°30'17N 00°01'06W
Contributed by Marieke_Mannens
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