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The Cooper Square Hotel

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Studio Carlos Zapata
location New York, New York
function hotel
contributed by pkrajewski_pl

The 21-storey, 145-room hotel, dubbed 'Downtown Luxury' by its owner/developer, has an open plan with a modern European feel. The main public spaces include a library with a bar and fireplace, an intimate screening room, and a destination restaurant, the first in New York for celebrated Los Angeles-based chef Govind Armstrong. The hotel's interior organization and circulation plan is inspired by the small courtyards of the East Village. There are several small, intimate spaces on the back of the building and one can access the second floor bar without having to go into the lobby, forming a continuous loop between the many intimate spaces inside and outside the building (text from

peteshep says:
Five more shots, on flickr, starting here:
Auckland, New Zealand 10-Jun-11
peteshep says:
Five more shots, on flickr, starting here:
Auckland, New Zealand 10-Jun-11
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The Cooper Square Hotel
Cooper Square 25
United States
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Completion 2008
ArchitectStudio Carlos Zapata
Project ID 5036
Latitude/Longitude 40°43'40N 73°59'27W
Contributed by pkrajewski_pl
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