MIMOA is the BEST WORLDWIDE architecture guide. Let us show you why.

MIMOA has all the information you need to find and visit architecture around the world. It is a user generated website, which means all information is published by the visitors. It is a great way to help others to find your projects. And since basic tools are free, there's no reason not to explore further...

everybody can

... search and browse the database

The search box, just above the map, gets you everywhere you need to go. It consists out of a search engine, browse link and a popular cities menu.

Search: enter a keyword at -1-, choose a category to search for at -2- and click the 'find' button at -3-.search tool MIMOA
If you don't exactly know what you're looking for, but just want to get an overview and choose, then use the 'browse' link to look directly into our database. The 'popular cities' menu offers a short cut to some of MIMOA's most popular destinations.

... place comments on a project

Everybody can write a comment on a project; to share your personal experience, additional information or recommendations.

You can even add a HTML LINK or a YOU-TUBE VIDEO.

For links, make sure to enter: <a href="http://URL/" target="_blank">name of the link</a>
For You-Tube embeds simply copy-paste the embed code that you find on the You-Tube website into the comments-box.

You do not need to login before commenting, but if you do, your screen-name will link to your personal profile, where visitors can read more about you, and see more of your contributed projects.
You'll find the comment-box at the bottom of the project-page.  Read more about comments on our weblog.
how to add a comment or embed a you tube file

... easily tell a friend about a project

a project you’ve seen on MIMOA by clicking the button on the upper right corner of a project-page. send this page to a friend

... see all projects in Google Earth (with KMZ)

Yes, this one is a frequently requested feature. You can download the Google Earth Placemark files (KMZ) to your computer, so you can explore MIMOA's projects in Google Earth and Google Maps.

or go to Menu >> Projects >> MIMOA KMZ and download it there

Why would you need KMZ files? Because in Google Earth you can view 3D buildings in several cities, including San Francisco, Amsterdam, Boston, Munich, Zurich and dozens more.

You can use the extra layers to show (or hide) local points of interest and facts. Even better: view driving directions and even fly along your self-created routes. And much more. Read more on our weblog.

... share a project on other social media

Add the link to this project to any of the following 6 community sites, and share the best of MIMOA with the rest of  the world.share this project

... subscribe to our RSS feeds

rss icon
On the Latest Additions.

Easily follow all the updated and contributed projects on MIMOA and subscribe to the free RSS feed on our Latest Additions. The RSS document contains a summary of the project-data that is published online. Click on the orange RSS icon on the home page, or at the top of the Latest Additions page.

To read all comments.
If you're into a specific project, and want to read all relevant comments that are placed you can keep up with the conversation by subscribing to the free RSS feeds on the comments. You'll find the RSS icon next to the green comments-box on the page of the selected project.

On our weblog.

And of course, you can subscribe to MIMOA's world wide weblog - keeping you up to date on our latest developments.

Not yet familiar with RSS feeds? Read this article on Wikipedia.

... include MIMOA in your iGoogle widget

Personalize your iGoogle homepage and include MIMOA’s latest 5 additions! Never again miss out on a new publication on MIMOA. Click here to implement this widget on your iGoogle homepage, or read more on our weblog.

... place a direct link to a project on MIMOA

You can place a link to a specific project on MIMOA with the 'See this project on MIMOA button', simply copy and paste the code to your weblog, news or press-section on your own website. You can find this tool in the lower left corner of a project-page.
link to a project button

... use our special buttons to 'Link to MIMOA'

You can place a link to MIMOA with a button of your choice in your weblog or newsitem. This way you can easily refer to MIMOA, ánd have a recognizable link to our homepage.
Simply choose a button, copy the code and paste it into your site. You can find the buttons HERE. link to homepage

registered users can

... contribute projects

Registered users publish projects with the interactive online upload form - free! You can save your project temporarily and complete the data later. When you’re finished and submit the project it is sent to MIMOA for review. See your personal overview to check the status of your projects. You will be notified by email when the project is online.
You’ll find the upload form (after login) here, under the MENU >> PROJECTS >> Add a project.  

... create a personal Mi guide

To ensure you have all necessary information at hand while you are traveling, you can prepare yourself by making your own personal Architecture Guide. Select projects, set them in a convenient order, and make a pdf or print it.
You can make your guide public and share it with others. You'll get an overview of the latest guides under the MENU >> GUIDES. Read more about the Mi guide on our weblog.

Unfortunately we can not (yet) include a map to the PDF since Google Maps does not allow us to print their maps.
add this project to mi guide
overview mi guides

... rate projects

Registered users can rate the projects by clicking a green ‘star’ in the right column on a project-page. The more stars, the higher the rating. Why rate a project? So the most popular projects will float to the surface. They will be shown in the list of Top rated projects. Why register? To ensure an honest result. Read more about rating on our weblog.
how to rate a MIMOA project

... create a personal profile

Every registered user has a personal profile. All your contributed projects will be linked to this profile.

Edit your profile and add information about yourself and explain the viewers where you live, what are your interests, background or profession... You can use html code in the text box for text-editing and add a small thumbnail; a personal photo or logo.

In your personal profile you can choose which information is public, and whether or not you want to receive an email every time one of your contributed projects is commented by others.

You can find your profile (after login) under the MENU >> MI PAGES  >>  MI PROFILE
Read more about the profile possibilities on our weblog.

... mark where you've been and bookmark your favorites

Registered users can choose their favourite projects, and make a list of them; a shopping chart if you like. This way you have your personal pearls of architecture close at hand, to show others, or make a short selection of projects you intend to visit soon. These projects turn pink on the map.

When you come back from a tour and visited several projects in real life, you can mark them 'Mi was here'. These projects turn green on the map. This way you’ll find a perfect overview on the map on all your visited projects and places, so you can plan where to go next.

All other viewers can see these lists on your personal profile. You can remove a favourite / ‘Mi was here’ from the list by clicking the ‘remove’ button (this will not delete a project from the website). was here mark and favorites list
mi favorite architecture


mobile tools

We're created several ways to take the whole MIMOA database with you,
while you are exploring your city. Use these tools:
MIMOA is the perfect travel mate!


MIMOA features over 4000 buildings, interiors, squares, parks and bridges around the world. The extensive (and growing!) database is also available as a mobile travel guide: on the iPhone. With exact locations, photos and detailed information the MIMOA iPhone app puts everything you need at your fingertips.

MIMOA is the best source of information with all Modern Architecture in one view, and now we've launched the best travel mate for architecture lovers.

download the MIMOA app

Want to read more? Go here.

MIMOA LAYAR on your smartphone

Let Layar take your there!
Download Layar at the Android Market, the App Store or with iTunes, select the MIMOA layer and enjoy an «Architecture Enriched Reality».

Layar is a free application on your mobile phone which shows what is around you by displaying real time MIMOA information on top of reality, through the camera of your mobile phone. It is a new kind of browser for smart­phones.

By holding the phone in front of you like a camera, you can see  information of the architecture around you. For all points of interest which are displayed on the screen, information about the building is shown at the bottom of the screen. You can see how far away the building is located and where to go. A perfect travel mate!

For this complex functionality the supported devices not only need to have a camera, GPS sensor and inter­net connectivity, further­more a compass and an accelero­meter are necessary. For this reason only Android driven smartphones and the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 are supported by Layar right now. (Older iPhone models don’t have an integrated compass). 

Read all about the MIMOA Layar our weblog >>

Let TomTom drive you there!

add to TomTom
Add projects to your TomTom navigation device.
Click on the 'Add to TomTom' button and download the address and some basic information of a project onto your TomTom device, and navigate directly towards your architectural destination.

You can find the button next to the address, on the page of the selected project. Read more about the 'add to TomTom button' on our weblog.

Tools yet to be developed

We're constantly working on updates and new features. Here's a small preview of things to come!


Soon to be developed: integrate MIMOA content on your website.


Soon to be developed: CITY INFO. We will assemble all necessary, interesting, hard to find, undisclosed information which you can not find in the 'main stream tourist guides', and conveniently orden this information for every major architectural destination. All user generated info, off course.

Add Rich Point Of Interest to TomTom

With this feature you'll be able to add several projects onto your TomTom device – all at once. Download your Mi guide or other selections of projects that you want to visit. Your TomTom will show these Points of Interest (POI's) with images and accompanying text (description, opening hours, etc …), aside from lat-long coordinates.
Perfect for your architectural excursion, and what's more: the route between the POI is automatically complemented by whatever TomTom information you normally get along the way. Such as traffic, weather, safety cameras and more.