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Mi Destination: Sara’s favorite sights Author: Margot van der Kroon, Posted: May 23rd, 2017 Filed under: Mi destination

Sara’s love for Singapore runs deep: “If I would be offered a job there, I would certainly head back. I try to visit at least once every two years.” In this blogpost she shares her favorite sights and stories of the island.

During my time as a tour guide, I’d loved to uncover the hidden gems around the island. The stories of the development of certain sights are amazing; buildings under construction are my favorite places to visit. It offers a deeper perspective and understanding of an area and why a building is constructed.

Also, during the tour we used to go for local dishes. “Just thinking about curry puffs, chicken rice and laksa makes my mouth water!” The things you definitely must see while visiting Singapore are:

URA maquette Singapore


1. URA Singapore City Gallery, various models of the city. The model of the city center at scale 1:400 is a resemblance of the real city. Every new project needs to be tested in this model before building permits are granted. It offers a great overview of how architecture has changed over the years.  


Pinnacle Duxton & IM Pei Singapore


2. The Pinnacle @ Duxton:  a social housing complex with running track from ARC and RSP architects. It combines 6 huge apartment buildings connected by 2 running tracks. This social housing complex was built after a design competition, the first of its kind.  A fun thing to do, it’s also possible to visit one of the tracks!

3. Gate Way East and West: 2D building (IM Pei):  “A golden oldie, but I love how these buildings look flat from certain angles. When the windows are being washed, it looks totally surreal”.

Do as the Singaporeans do…

"Singapore has an amazing atmosphere, there you feel the energy vibrating and opportunity is buzzing all around. The Singaporeans are very inquisitive and explorative by nature, they always want to know what you have eaten – simply to make sure you are OK. "

“What absolutely amazes me is that the Singaporeans, as citizens, are very much involved in the development of new buildings from the start. When starting a new building project, the government arranges shuttle busses and food courts for people at the construction sight so they can just get a ‘sense of place’. For them it's fun trip, to check out new projects – they are led by their curiosity." 

In short, Singapore has a very hands-on approach when it comes to getting people involved in city making. "In Western culture, we could certainly learn a lot of their openness and care!"

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Discover hidden gems in Singapore Author: Margot van der Kroon, Posted: May 11th, 2017 Filed under: Mi destination

Mi destination Singpore BBB tour 1

MIMOA Mayor Sara Caris shares one of her favorite tours in Singapore: The Bras Basah Bugis tour.

"I developed this tour because there is great mix of modern and slick architecture and the real Singapore.  I wanted to show people something different than China Town, Little India and Sentosa. The best parts are to visit the National Library outdoor terraces, but also LaSalle school of the arts is very impressive the way out door and indoor are connected. Lasalle was also the first building that triggered me to find the hidden modern gems in Singapore."
Download here the tour map >>

Mi destinations: exploring beyond the obvious cultural sights

Every month a new city around the globe is highlighted. Discover the must-see sights for you as cultural traveler, provided and curated by the MIMOA community and team, accompanied by the local stories our MIMOA mayors and guides.

We are taking you off track and hope it inspires you to share your stories too. You are invited to join in and add your favourite buildings and sights to our website.
Join the MIMOA community >>

Do you want to propose a city or do you want to become MIMOA Mayor in your city?
Send us your story >>

Read here more about Mi destinations >>

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Kick off Mi Destinations: Singapore Author: Margot van der Kroon, Posted: April 4th, 2017 Filed under: Mi destination, MIMOA travel

Singapore_skyline_klphoto: Singapore skyline at sunset viewed from Gardens by the Bay East (credit: Chensiyuan)

Mi Destination April: Singapore
Exploring beyond the obvious cultural sights with MIMOA Mayor Sara Caris

The food is magnificent”, the first thing our Sara gushes when she thinks of Singapore. “Yet from architectural perspective: I fell in love with this city because of its boldness! It’s a progressive city with a staggering amount of skyscrapers – but somehow it also manages to find right balance with green and nature”.

Sara Caris MIMOA mayor of Singapore April

L: Sara Caris (left) showing the Marina Bay Sands building. R: Gardens by the Bay

Sara Caris has been an architectural tour guide at the island of Singapore from 2008 till 2010. Being trained as an architect, she started her own company and gave tours all around the island. “From a modern catholic church in one of the New Towns to the catacombs of the office buildings at the CBD area, I showed the hidden gems next to the obvious tourist attractions”, tells Sara.

Mi Destinations – Exploring hidden gems and their stories

The experience exploring beyond the obvious sights is exactly what we at MIMOA – as lovers of architecture and cultural travel – enjoy. Every building has its own story of how it came to be, and it’s in sharing this story that a building as an artefact comes to life.

That’s why we decided to kick-offMi Destination’: every month a new city around the globe is highlighted. Our community and team curates the sights you must experience as cultural traveller, accompanied by the stories our MIMOA mayors and guides. We are incredibly proud of the extensive database that our community has assembled over the last ten years.

We are taking you off track and hope it inspires you to share your stories too. You are invited to join in and add your favourite buildings and sights to our website. Check out the current list of projects in Singapore here: mimoa.eu/projects/Singapore/Singapore

Which projects or buildings are missing and an absolute must-see to cultural travellers when visiting Singapore? Send us your favourite Singapore sights through our online upload form >>

Do you have a personal story to share? Tell us why you have enclosed Singapore or a specific building in your heart, and we will feature your project story in the upcoming month on our website.

More information about Mi Destinations? Check here the upcoming cities for 2017 >>

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Guided architecture tours in 30 cities Author: Mieke, Posted: March 27th, 2017 Filed under: MIMOA travel


Let MIMOA guide you along the famous architectural highlights and less known hidden gems. 
MIMOA offers group tours, guided by local architects, in various cities in Europe and beyond. A welcoming alternation during your summer beach holiday and a perfect completion of your city trip!

Guided architecture tours in 30 cities
Guided group tours are offered in a growing list of destinations:  Amsterdam, Antwerp, Athens, Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin, Brussels, Cologne, Gent, Istanbul, Ivrea, Lisbon, Milan, Munich, Paris, Porto, Rotterdam, Santiago de Compostela, Sydney and Turin.
Depending on the city, tours are available in multiple languages, you can choose different themes and duration of the tour.

All of the guides have a professional background in architecture and excellent connections to the local architectural scene, giving you a first-hand experience of the architecture of your destination. Moreover they can recommend the best places and projects to visit,
At this moment we offer tours for mainly larger groups. Although some of our local partners offer private tours for smaller groups as well, so if you are interested, just drop us a line and we will try to assist you in the best possible way.

More information?
Check out the City info page for the actual list of cities in which MIMOA offers guided group tours and visit the city pages for more detailed information. Or contact us directly to share your travel wishes!
Can't find your destination in the list (yet)? Let us know, we may connect you to someone within the MIMOA community and network to help you further.
Send your emails to: travel@mimoa.eu.

Sydney Architecture Walks_HEADER_Sydney Opera House_SAW2 RadtourExrotaprint

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RCR Arquitectes receive the 2017 Pritzker Prize Author: Mieke, Posted: March 2nd, 2017 Filed under: news

SoulagesMuseum_Hisao Suzuki_1 kopie photo: Museum Soulages by Hisao Suzuki

Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta, three architects, originating from Olot – in the Catalonian region of Spain – have been selected as the 2017 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureates.
They founded their firm RCR Arquitectes, in their hometown in 1988. Their work demonstrates an unyielding commitment to place and its narrative, to create spaces that are in discourse with their respective contexts. Harmonizing materiality with transparency, Aranda, Pigem and Vilalta seek connections between the exterior and interior, resulting in emotional and experiential architecture .The locally-based architects evoke universal identity through their creative and extensive use of modern materials including recycled steel and plastic.

RCR Arquitectes on MIMOA >>

2017LaureatePhoto_Javier Lorenzo Dominguez kopiephoto: Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta by Javier Lorenzo Domínguez

”The jury has selected three architects who have been working collaboratively for nearly three decades . Mr. Aranda, Ms . Pigem and Mr. Vilalta have had an impact on the discipline far beyond their immediate area . Their works range from public and private spaces to cultural venues and educational institutions, and their ability to intensely relate the environment specific to each site is a testament to their process and deep integrity.” – Mr. Pritzker

“The collaboration of these three architects produces uncompromising architecture of a poetic level, representing timeless work that reflects great respect for the past, while projecting clarity that is of the present and the future.” – Glenn Murcutt, Jury Chair

LaLiraTheater_Hisao Suzuki_3photo: La Lira Theater by Hisao Suzuki

RCR Arquitectes on MIMOA >>

Notable projects include:
La Cuisine Art Center (Nègrepelisse, France, 2014)
Soulages Museum in collaboration with G . Trégouët (Rodez, France, 2014)
La Lira Theater Public Open Space in collaboration with J. Puigcorbé (Ripoll, Girona, Spain, 2011)
Les Cols restaurant marquee (Olot, Girona, Spain, 2011)
El Petit Comte Kindergarten in collaboration with J. Puigcorbé (Besalú, Girona, Spain, 2010)
Bell-Lloc Winery (Palamós, Girona, Spain, 2007)
Sant Antoni – Joan Oliver Library (Barcelona, Spain, 2007)
Tossol-Basil Athletics Track (Olot, Girona, Spain, 2000)

2017 Introduction Video from The Pritzker Architecture Prize on Vimeo.

ElPetitComteKindergarten_Hisao Suzuki_3photo: El Petit Comte Kindergarten by Hisao Suzuki

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