Here is some help
on how to use MIMOA

Help is at hand. Can't find the right aid? Have you seen the Tools section? And the FAQ also doesn’t give you any answers? Then please contact us through the contact form.

My account & personal profile 

1. How can I make an account?

It’s very easy! Go to the register page, and fill in your valid email address, choose the ‘no, I will create one now!’ option and wait for the next page to arrive. Follow the flow, do read the feedback and you’ll have a new personal account in just a few minutes.

2. I forgot my password!

Just go back to the login/register page. Click the ‘I forgot my password’ link. An email will be send to you with help to get you a new password.

3. I have all sorts of trouble registering. Help!

There are a few things that some users have mentioned may affect your ability to login or register to MIMOA.

Making a new account / registering for the first time:

Step 1: Go to the login/register page. Make sure you’ve filled in a valid email address, choose the ‘no, I will create one now!’ option before pressing the continue button.
Step 2: Fill in all the required information, and click ‘continue’.
Step 3: Wait patiently for the new page to arrive! Do not start clicking the ‘continue’ button again.
Step 4: By submitting this form an email will be send to you! Check your email. In this email is a link which you must follow to activate your account.

Login in with your account:

Step 1: Go to the login/register page, fill in your email address (the one you’ve used when registering!) and choose the ‘yes, password’ option.
Step 2: Fill in your password and press the ‘continue’ button. When you haven’t activated your account yet, and email will be send to you, containing a link you should follow to activate your account.

If you still can't get in, ask someone at MIMOA to help you.

4. I don’t want people to see my real name, how do I fix that?

You can enter a 'screenname' for your account. This can be your nickname, your real name, or your office name: anything you like. And if you do not want others to see your real name, you can choose which personal information is open for others to view. Login and go to your personal profile.

5. How do I change my password / email address?

You can change all personal information on your personal profile – including your password. Login first, of course. You can not change your email address. You can make a new account with a different email address or send us an email and we'll change your email address.

6. How can I edit the text on my personal profile?

Login and go to your personal profile. You can simply start typing in the text field that says: 'Short description of yourself'. As you can see, you can enter hmtl-code. With html tags you can add bold text, more links, and insert line breaks.

Click here to get some explanation on how html-tags work.

7. How can I delete my account?

Login and go to your personal profile. At the bottom, just under the field where you can enter your personal website, you find the link to delete your account. You will loose your project overview, favorites, public profile and guides. Your contributed projects will not be deleted.

8. I deleted my account, but didn't really want to! What do I do?

Ohoh. That’s ok, contact us quick! And we’ll see what we can do for you.

Searching & finding projects 

1. I’ve searched for a project, but could not find it, how come?

Make sure you type a (correct) keyword into the search box. Not more than two please. You've searched on the city, country or designer’s name? You've searched the map, and nothing familiar turned up?

Did you see the browse link? You can use this to browse through our database, when you're not exactly sure what you are looking for.

Nope, that's not it?
Then it is probably not yet published on MIMOA. Surprised? Contribute it yourself!

2. I've entered 'Berlin' in the keyword search box, and get results not only in Berlin, but also Graz, Stuttgart and even San Francisco. How come?

That's because the keyword-search will try to find all matching words in all text-fields of a project. If you want to specify your result, and only include projects in a certain city, use the BROWSE tool. This way you can directly look into the database and see everything that we have.

Contributing projects

1. I want to see an overview of all data that is published per project

You can download a word document with all the data here.

2. I want to add/change information of a project

Please click the 'let us know' link at the bottom left of the project-page. Write us your comments, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

3. I have problems with the upload form, help!

    Some help is here:
  • You don’t know what to write in a certain box?
    Have you seen the question marks on the left, next to each item in the form? There is an answer behind it, just click it.
  • Having trouble saving / submitting your project? Doesn’t the ‘please wait – loading’ process come to an end? Or do you get a 'fatal error' message when submitting photos?
    Then check the file type, size and quantity of your photographs. Only JPG will do. Make sure to set the colour mode to RGB. High res images, yes, but no posters; max 2 MB filesize.
    We only publish 3 images, so no need to upload more. If you do, we will choose for you, and delete the rest, so do keep control of your project and choose wisely.
  • Do you use a Mac together with Safari?
    Ohoh...trouble in designers’ paradise. We’re constantly working on it, but for now, try Firefox please.
  • Nope, that’s not it? Make your question more specific and email it to us. We can help you through it.

1. How do I upload my photos?

You need to login / register first. Please use the upload form, which you will find under the button ‘add a project’. At the first page, give the name of the project, or some small description. Go to the last page, and select a max of 3 images per project. Remember to also fill in the name of the author of the images, and (if applicable) his/her website. When you’re finished, click ‘submit’, and we’ll send you an email when the photos are published on-line.

We want high resolution, large size images. Why? So the print-version of the project doesn’t look like a blurry stamp and the expanded view of the photo can be resized to large size monitors. JPEG with a RGB colour mode. We can handle and prefer (read: want) large size images.
Filesize: Between 1 MB and 2,5 MB

Pixels: Larger than 1600*1200 and smaller than 3200*2400 (w*h)
Centimeters: Larger than 13cm*10cm and smaller than 27cm*20cm at 300dpi (w*h)

Pixels: Larger than 1200*1600 and smaller than 2400*3200 (w*h)
Centimeters: Larger than 10cm*13cm and smaller than 20cm*27cm at 300dpi (w*h)

2. I’ve found my photos on a project, which I haven’t contributed.

You can check the personal profile of the person who did contribute the project, and find out if it is someone you know. When you think it is an incorrect use of your copyrights, please tell us. Click the ‘let us know’ link at the bottom left of the page of the project concerned. Write your message and explain which image(s) and your wishes. We will pass it on to the contributor who published the photo's. We are very cautious on protecting your rights.

3. I’ve found my photos, and they are credited to someone else.

Click the ‘let us know’ link at the bottom left of page of the project concerned, and describe exactly which image is wrongly credited, and also state the right name and (if applicable) website address. We are very cautious on protecting your rights.

4. How can I rearrange the photos? 

When you contribute a project through the upload form, you can set which photo is the best of the three. This photo will be used as a thumbnail and will show big, when the project is viewed. The other two images are not rearrangeable.
MIMOA only publishes 3 photos per project. If you uploaded more, we will choose the best 3, and delete the rest. We do not keep a database of photographs.
When the project is already published, you can not rearrange the photos. Unless you tell us to do so. Also, if you have better images, please tell us.


1. How can I comment on a project?

Just start writing in the green box, at the bottom of any project-page. We prefer that you login before you do this, others can see your screenname. But it is not necessary to login.
You can enter hmtl-text in the comments box, add links and embed a You-Tube video.
Read our blog post for more information. Click here to get some explanation on how html-tags work.

Favorites & Been there

1. How do I mark a project as one of my favorites / been there?

Login or register first. Go to any project-page and click the big green (for ‘was here’) or pink (for ‘favorites’) button. The project will be added to your list, which you can view and edit in you personal pages. To see them: go to ‘Mi Pages’ in the menu (the large black bar on the top of the page) and choose the ‘Mi Favorites’ or ‘Mi Was Here’ link.

2. How do I remove a project from my favorites / been there list?

To remove a project from your favorites (you don’t like it anymore, now you’ve seen it), or you accidentally ticked a project as ‘mi was here’ (but you didn’t go there in real life), go to the ‘Mi Pages’ section in the menu (the large black bar on the top of the page) and choose the ‘Mi Favorites’ or ‘Mi Was Here’ link. At those pages you can remove any project from your lists.

Mi guide

1. How to make my personal architecture guide?

    How to make your guide? Simple, just start with a project you'd like to add, and click the + Mi guide button. You can change the order of the projects by dragging them to their new place in the list. Go to the guide itself, and click and drag a project to see how it works.
    To see an overview of all your personal guides, (after login)
    go to MENU >> MI PAGES >> MI GUIDES
    Make your guide public, and share it with others. Or tell a friend about a guide you've made with the special button.
    Find guides that other MIMOA members created. Where?
    On each project, you can see a list of guide(s) that feature the selected project. Just underneath the 'Opening hours' and 'How to get there' you find a tab which tells you in who's guide the project is included. Click on the tab 'This project is part of x guides'. Easy to click through and find an appropriate guide - instead of making your own.

    Or go to MENU >> GUIDES >> Latest guides:
    this is an overview of all the latest guides that have been created or modified.
    Or go to MENU >> GUIDES >> Selected guides:
    here you'll get an overview of nice, special and complete guides that were made by other contributors. Have you seen, or did you create a guide that should be in this list? Share it with us and we'll add it!
    Did you find a guide that someone else has made, and want it too? Simple copy guides that others have been making. How? First login. Open the guide you want to copy, use the quick 'select all' option to select all project in the guide (or at least, the ones you want too), and then choose '+ guide' from the dropdown menu. Choose a guide to add to, and voila!




1. Where can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

Go to the newsletter page and unsubscribe, or go to your personal profile and empty the checkbox which says ‘I would like to receive the MIMOA newsletter’.

Browser related problems

1. I’m an apple-owner and use safari to browse the web, ohoh.

Did you try to use Firefox?

iPhone app

1. I've got some issues with the MIMOA iPhone application

Have you got the latest app update, and latest software for your iPhone? And still got problems with the app? Read all about our latest developments on the iPhone app, and see if your problem is there too. If you have any (new!) bugs to report, feel free to write a comment underneath our blog posts. Please do not re-send any known issues. We try to react to everyone personally. It will be helpful if you include the type of device (iPod/iPhone3G/3GS/4) you’re using and if you have wifi or not.