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Author: Naomi, Posted: December 23rd, 2007

chamber of commerce and industry of Slovenia

To ensure you have all necessary information at hand while traveling through Europe, you can prepare yourself by making your own free personal Architecture Guide. Select projects, set them in a convenient order, make a PDF or print it. You can make multiple guides, choose to show them in public and share with others. Add your personal image to the guide and tell a friend.

How to make your guide? Simple, login and start with a project you’d like to add and click the + Mi guide button. Then you’ll get a pop-up, asking to which guide you want to add this project. To see an overview of all your guides, go to MENU >> MI PAGES >> MI GUIDES

This is still a free beta-version of the Mi guide. Unfortunately we can not (yet) include a map in the PDF since Google Maps does not allow us to print their maps. So, the next version of the Mi guide will have a map ánd a tool to create a route on the map.

Want to see an example of a guide? Click on the image above!

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