New feature for Mi profile: add your picture

Author: Naomi, Posted: March 23rd, 2008

Mi profile pictureMIMOA is constantly developing, updating and upgrading it’s tools. One of our objectives is to enhance the community and give our contributors a larger presence.

So, last week we launched a new feature: now you can add your picture onto Mi profile. Upload your photo, logo, drawing or icon to accompany the text in your personal contributor profile. It’s a small but sweet addition, and you can already see some profiles of other MIMOA members with a picture: hvdn architects ; Naomi; Ryan Taube

What is Mi profile? Every registered user has a personal profile. All your contributed projects will be linked to this profile and this is where visitors can see your ‘Mi favorites’ and the projects you’ve marked ‘Mi was here’. Edit your profile and add information about yourself and explain the viewers where you live, about your interests, background or profession… You can use html code for text-editing and add a small thumbnail; a personal photo or logo. You can find your profile (after login!) under the Menu>> Mi pages >> Mi profile

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