New feature for Comments: embed You-Tube video’s, add some html and subscribe to RSS feeds

Author: Naomi, Posted: March 24th, 2008

comments update

Everybody can write a comment on a project; to share your personal experience, opinion and recommendations. Comments often complete the project information, or start a discussion. Now we’ve made it even more interesting to enter your comments, with these new features:

1. You can embed a You-Tube video. Simply copy-paste the embed code that you find on the You-Tube website into the comments-box. See one example here (scroll down).

2. You can add a HTML link, make sure to enter: <a href="URL">link</a>. Example: <a href="https://www.mimoa.eu" target="_blank">MIMOA</a>

3. You can edit your text by entering hmtl-tags to underline or emphasise your point of view. Click here to get some explanation on how html-tags work.

4. If you want to read all relevant comments that are placed you can keep up with the conversation by subscribing to the free RSS feeds on the comments. You’ll find the RSS icon next to the green comments-box on the page of the selected project.

You do not need to login before commenting, but if you do, your comment will be linked to your Mi profile, where visitors can read more about you, and see some of your contributed projects. How? Just start writing in the green box, at the bottom of any project-page.

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