Upcoming Feature: KMZ files

Author: Naomi, Posted: May 5th, 2008

Hi all MIMOA users,
We’re currently working on this new feature: downloadable Google Earth Placemark files. It’s a frequently requested feature and we’d like to show you our first design before adding it to the site. Is this what you’re thinking of? We’d like to hear your responses to this idea, to make sure that we’re actually making the right product.

Where would you find the KMZ files on MIMOA? You can:

– Download a Google Earth Placemark file for each project published on MIMOA
– Download a Google Earth Placemark file of a series of projects, for instance a search result, your Mi guide or your favorites

What would you use the KMZ-files for? Well, here’s a short overview of some suggestions:

– view 3D buildings in several cities, including San Francisco, Amsterdam, Boston, Munich, Zurich and dozens more
– use the extra layers to show (or hide) local points of interest and facts
– view driving directions and even fly along your self-created routes
– download the KMZ-files to your mobile navigation device or mobile phone
– simply email a group of KMZ-files to your friends

So, for all you MIMOA users that are looking forward to this new feature, place a comment and let us know what you think!

Not familiar with Google Earth, or Google Maps? Google Earth is a Free-of-charge, download-able virtual globe program. It maps the earth by superimposing images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS over a 3D globe. Google Maps is the map that we’re using on our site to show the locations of all projects. Read the Google KML-explanation here, or read this article on Wikipedia.

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