All MIMOA projects in Google Earth

Author: Naomi, Posted: June 22nd, 2008

Now that we’ve implemented the Google Earth placemark files (KML), we’ve also made a single file for you to download, which contains ALL PROJECTS that are published on MIMOA. This permanent link to the KML-file is automatically updated by Google. So if you download this set of projects to your computer, you will always have the latest information in Google Earth.


Save it to your computer and store it in an appropriate place. Great to see those architectural projects on the globe, together with all kind of extra data that Google provides. Like  3D buildings! This is the Nemo in Amsterdam:

And here: the M.H. de Young Museum in San Francisco.

Or check out the Amsterdam Museum Square area:  

This is the location of the permanent link: https://www.mimoa.eu/files/kmz/mimoa.kmz
Spread the word, and link to this blogpost and to the MIMOA.kmz

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