New Features preview

Author: Naomi, Posted: October 6th, 2008

We are again working on several small updates for the MIMOA-website. Here is a sneak preview for things to come:

Autofill on photographer’s names in the upload form. When uploading the images into your publication, the input boxes will recognize the photographers name, just like when you enter a name for the architect.

Addition to the main menu on top of each page. We previously added a single Google-Earth Placemark file, to download with all MIMOA projects in it. Now we’ll add a link to this file in the menu. Far more easy to find.

Function list sorted into categories. To be able to get a clear and easy overview in all 134 project-functions that we have (so far), we’ve ordened them into categories.

Even though these updates are pretty small and might even be hardly noticed, we think they’ll help you get around on the site easier. Keep an eye on the site, and read our blog for more information on updates.

Do you also have ideas and suggestions for small changes to be made? Write a comment to this post.
Thanks again for your feedback and support!

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