MIMOA Mobile!?

Author: Matthijs, Posted: October 14th, 2008

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Want this?

Wherever you are, just grab your phone and it tells you which direction to go for the nearest architectural highlight! Never miss a building around the corner. Just quickly check opening hours before stopping that cab and while you’re at it, show the driver the address and picture of that building you are looking for.

Sorry to disappoint you, but what you see above is just an image. The design phase still has to start. We have to figure out a few things first. Just like how we’ve developed other features of MIMOA, we won’t spend too much time thinking about all the things we could do. Possibilities are endless, but our patience and certainly the budget is not. Let’s start with something small, but of course something nice and useful. We’ll see where it goes from there.

To share some thought:
Should we develop an application for the iPhone, or are we creating something more general that works on other devices too? As you might know, the iPhone doesn’t have the largest market share compared to competing platforms like Symbian or Windows Mobile. But iPhone owners are avid users of their mobile internet. Developing an application (or website) that works on multiple platforms is not an easy task…  Just imagine the troubleshooting when one of those platforms introduces a new update.

So, what should MIMOA Mobile offer? We encourage you to think with us. What can we do with GPS, maps, routes, pictures, the camera? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Poll closed! Final results

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