Amsterdam in Letters – by photographer Maarten Helle

Author: Naomi, Posted: December 6th, 2008

MIMOA member and freelance photographer Maarten Helle lives and works in Amsterdam. He has a special interest in the city’s street typography, type on walls, on shop windows, cinemas, churches etc. Not rarely the fonts he finds have a special connection with the architecture they adorn.

Now he has published a book, ‘Amsterdam in Letters’ showing the symbiosis between architecture and typographic details, illustrated by about 200 of his photos. It contains a very diverse collection, with different styles, from whirling Art Nouveau, bold Amsterdam School, sculptural brick letters and smooth tyle types – all assembled while walking and cycling through the city.

We thought it to be interesting to publish this on MIMOA’s blog, since Maarten’s personal fascination invites you to explore the city; through the typography. And we think his work will appeal to many of you too.

You can join Maarten on a tour through the city and see all in real-life. Read more here.

letters amsterdam maarten helle

On the right two examples  of letters integrated in architecture, published on MIMOA, photographed by Maarten.

Read more about the book on the website of Publisher Valiz.

Maarten explains his work on the Radio, listen to this audio fragment (in Dutch).


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