Farewell 2008

Author: Naomi, Posted: January 16th, 2009

hello 2009

In the spirit of the new year and the usual annual reporting we’ve also made a list of 2008 in retrospect.

In 2008 we’ve been invited to present MIMOA on several exiting occasions, the Venice Biennale presentation being one of the most memorable. In stead of a 2 minutes pitch with a great competition result in 2007, we’ve returned to the Picnic Conference this year and spent 20 minutes talking about the website at the Citizen Media special.  

We’ve written an 11 page, 6413 words, essay on MIMOA for the Mace Conference in September this year. It is an account of a process we followed and experiences we met while developing the site. This remembers me to publish it on this blog too.

In the sping of 2008 MIMOA went global, and we opened up the European borders.

It took us several months and many iterations, but we’ve managed to get the Pro account up and running before the end of 2008. It’s the only paid feature of MIMOA so far, and allows architects to advertise their office on our large internationally known platform, and use MIMOA for their portfolio. Go check this example. More info to follow soon.

Amongst many updates and new features (which we all publish on our weblog), here’s a few worth mentioning again:
downloadable KMZ files with a selection or just all MIMOA-projects in it
add to TomTom buttons
easy select projects and add them to your guide (or KMZ file or favorites list or been there list)

We’ve published 54 blogposts on this blog, that’s an average of 4,5 per month – a frequency that can be easily surpassed in 2009.

2008 has brought us the Iphone! (Remember, we’re living in The Netherlands). And we’ve got big plans to turn it into a perfect travel-companion. 

All in all a pretty good and productive year. Up next is 2009.

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