Hello 2009

Author: Naomi, Posted: January 16th, 2009

At the start of an even more productive year, here’s some (easy to be made) predictions and (less sure but highly anticipated) forecasts for 2009.

One of the milestones to be reached this year is the record of 3000 unique projects live! Soon we can celebrate the first 2000 live, just litte more to go (32 at the time of writing). With the growing number of active contributors (381) and registered members (4470 right now), we expect to outrun our current average upload of 4 projects a day. Keep up the good work.

Yeah…somewhere in mid spring we’ll top our statistics so far, and reach 5000 unique visitors a day.

In 2009 we’re looking forward to the first signs of financial means that will make MIMOA self-supporting. By implementing the business models that we’ve defined, MIMOA can continue to produce public value, and at the same time make this initiative sustainable.

We’ll be traveling more, visiting old cities, new countries and meeting more lovely people. Can’t wait to get there.

The Mi guide will get a make-over and it will have a map, more custom-possibilities and maybe even tours. That’s what you said you want.

And to get a glimpse of what the short-term future brings, here’s a shortlist of features we’re working on: 
– Mi mobile: this year we’ll be available on your mobile. MIMOA travels with you!
– custom API’s and wicked widgets: more to share on your own website.
– a redesign of the project detail page, to get more comments, feedback and information about projects.

Have a great year.


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