Result of the Mi shirt design contest!

Author: Mieke, Posted: March 7th, 2009

Nearly two months ago, on the 10th of January, we wrote out a contest to design your favorite Mi shirt. We were curious… never doubted of the creativity of our members of course, but would there be anyone to take the trouble to respond and to send in a design….?

We worried for nothing apparently, because the amount of entries and especially the quality of it definitely exceeded our expectations. No less than 16 concepts were brought forward by 10 different MIMOA fans, coming from all over the world. We are very proud, surprised and happy with this outcome. All concepts really show off the effort and dedication of the participants. Thank you all for making this contest a success!
Download the complete overview of all concepts here.

Naomi and I set ourselves the job to review all concepts. To generate some male input πŸ˜‰ we asked Matthijs (our interaction designer of UNITiD) to assist. Independently of eachother we gave all concepts three grades on originality, recognizability (is it MIMOA-like?) and feasibility (is it doable?). The average scores were put together and led us to an outcome which we all thought was more than correct.

So, enough talking for now:
the winner of the Mi shirt design contest is…..

Liliana Sousa
Shanghai, China

Click here for a close-up of the world map.

Our reaction was immediately: wow! This concept is the perfect example of the power of keeping it clear and simple. Very well-considered and inventive. It stands for: find, meet, guide MIMOA all over the world. Congratulations Liliana and thank you very much for designing this beautiful Mi shirt.

Besides the winning concept, we also like to highlight three other concepts. These designs impressed as us well.
3 honourable announcements:

Jana Rock
London, United Kingdom

For which she designed a special MIMOA bird pin:

Her idea was to create an interactive t-shirt: the MIMOA bird sits above your favorite building on the white line, looking down on it. And if you happen to change your mind: no problem! Just move the pin to a place it above another building. Our judgement: what a cool concept. And very nice to read about her idea behind it, since she was one of few to explain her motives. Read more in the overview. We really love the bird-pin. Even so much, that we’re considering to produce it too.

Nathalie Ged 
Lyon, France

Her idea was to design a reversible Mi shirt, which we liked very much. Although it’s may be not very easy to produce. But also without the reversibility the concept is very natural, fresh and recognizable.

Ilana Pichon 

We interpreted this idea as: Spread the word! Let MIMOA fan out over the world! Very nice. We also appreciated the freshness of the impression.

We truly enjoyed writing out this contest and receiving so much brilliant concepts. We hope that the ones who didn’t win are not too disappointed. We also hope that you all agree on our choice to select the concept of Liliana as the winner.
The new Mi shirt will be taken in production. It will take some time to fabricate them, but as soon as they are ready we will inform you about the price and how to order them online. Naturally we will offer different shirts for men and women.
Are you considering buying a Mi shirt? Please let us know. It won’t oblige you to anything, but we will take it into account.

Thanks a lot to all participants!


Download the overview of all concepts here


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