Update: New layout for the Project Detail Page

Author: Naomi, Posted: June 2nd, 2009

As some regular returning visitors have noticed, the project detail page has had a small make-over. The project detail page is the ‘one page publication’ of each project that’s published on MIMOA. Like this page.

It’s one of our mayor webpages, next to the home, the blog, several lists (like the latest additions, top rated, mi favorites and been-there lists), and of course the general pages with basic information (like the overview page of all services and tools that we offer).  

We’ve reshuffled the layout and added some elements on the page, to enhance the interactive features. This way we hope to get more comments on projects, more visitors rating and more links to and from the projects. All to make the website more rich with information, and let the audience show what they like or dislike, link to other interesting things they’ve seen, and well, in short: share more.

For those of you interested to see exactly what we did, here’s the list of changes:

  • * First of all, we moved the rating up to the top of the page, and introduced a new interaction module. Now, when a user starts to rate he/she can optionally place a comment at the same time.
  • * When posting a comment, the thumbnail image of registered users is shown. See this example.
  • * We moved the ‘share-buttons’ up, now they’re just underneath the images.
  • * There are more buttons to choose from when linking to the page from another website (see left column ‘select an icon and copy the code’). 
  • * Finally, we added a little help to the comments box, so you know how to add links, video, and HTML tags to enhance the typing.

Also see the user interface design here.

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