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Author: Mieke, Posted: December 9th, 2009

Taxi drivers arrive in Shenzhen after trip of 10.000 kilometres. 6 taxis, from 6 cities, drive 6 days in Shenzhen

On Saturday afternoon 5 December, six taxis from all over China will arrive in Shenzhen, to participate in the special performance “100 Days of Stories”, by the Go West Project. Coming from places such as Hohhot, Chongqing and Zhengzhou, they have travelled a total distance of more than 10.000 kilometres. In Shenzhen, the six taxi drivers will participate for six days in the Shenzhen / Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture, the most important architectural exposition in Asia.
The Go West Project asked taxi drivers from emerging metropolises in Central and Western China to pick up passengers and drive across the country to Shenzhen, a trip that in most cases takes days! In Shenzhen they will do what they do best: pick up passengers, drive around the city and tell stories. About their work, their cities, their lives. Inside the taxi’s, the Go West Project will show pictures and short stories about the developments in the different cities.

Get on a free ride!
The taxis will pick up visitors of the Biennale as passengers, starting Sunday morning December 6 until Friday December 11, daily between 11am and 6pm. The place to
hop on a taxi is Civic Square and the taxi rides are for free!

DATE : 6 – 11 December
VENUE : Civic Square Shenzhen
MORE INFO : www.gowestproject.com

Many taxi drivers from Shenzhen are very curious about their visiting colleagues from remote cities in China. They park their cars along side the others and come to have a chat. They compare cars, fares, tanks, take pictures together and smoke eachothers cigarettes. (2nd from the right is Shenzhen driver)

Outside the exhibition space and right across the main forum hall the taxis are lined up, to pick up the Biennale public for a tour around town.

About Go West Project
Go West Project is a crossover research project between architecture and journalism, into sixteen emerging metropolises in Central and Western China. It analyzes urban and social developments in the world’s fastest urbanising region. Architect Daan Roggeveen and China-correspondent Michiel Hulshof founded the project in Shanghai in February 2009.

For more information about the performance “100 Days of Stories” or Go West Project visit the website www.gowestproject.com or please contact:
Miss Song Xinlin:
xinlinsong@gmail.com / +86 138 161 728 35 or
Miss Clarisse Stulp:
clarissestulp@gmail.com / +86 138 173 430 80

MIMOA is following Go West Project and promotes their work as part of a mediapartnership. Do you also want MIMOA as a media partner for your event? Contact us, and hear all about our reach.

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