MIMOA Layar featured in Guardian video report

Author: Naomi, Posted: December 13th, 2009

The MIMOA Layar is tested and explained by
Guardian reporter Benji Lanyado. He is walking through London testing the latest apps for gadget-loving travellers, and explores his home city through the eye of his iPhone. Great report, showing some latest apps, and their possibilities. With the Unlike Layar, he finds himself a good cup of coffee, and the MIMOA Layar leads him to the Bridge of Aspiration, which he never even noticed before.

Benji concludes: "We’ve had a little play around with AR today. And it’s definitely got it’s limitations, you don’t want to be walking around everywhere like that [he’s holing up his phone in front of him]. And certain things don’t lock on, and some of the loading time are quite sluggish. But in terms of finding things around you, that you didn’t know about, and learning about them on the spot, that’s really quite interesting. I think we are definitely going to hear a lot more about AR in the future."

Great to see a non-architect-traveller using MIMOA to unveal the architecture near him. Thanks Benji, for featuring MIMOA.

If you liked what you saw in Benji Lanyado’s video, here’s where to get the apps for yourself.
And here’s a Guardian list of the 10 most useful iPhone apps for travellers – add your favourites to the list.

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