MIMOA: the story #15

Author: Naomi, Posted: January 30th, 2010

casa mercedes, in A Coruña, Spain

Content management.

Choose your medium, set your content
Just like the amount of photos is set to a maximum, we also have a limit on text. It forces you to write down only the essentials. In 1000 characters, including spaces, every one can convey a message, and if not, you can link the publication to any other web page leading to more information. Providing architectural content on a medium such as ours, forced us to rethink the character and size (or length for that matter) of information. We want to see large size real-life photos we’re not writing books on-line. Also, drawings are pretty difficult to publish. How many times do you run into an architects’ website and find scaled, low resolution, blurred illustrations with indefinable details – probably texts? Apart from the visual restrictions, drawings are juridical gremlins. We’re not including these into our website, but will always link a project to the architects’ site, where you can probably find them. “The first is that the Web is not a medium of data, information, knowledge, wisdom, or content – it is a medium for linking data, information, knowledge, wisdom, and content. Just as writing a newspaper column isn’t like writing a novel”. From “Lessons Learned: We Still Don’t Get the Web” article published in Wired 04.29.1997, Author: Michael Schrage.

Take your content with you
“I envisioned myself wandering around a city with a hand-held device such as a pda or an iPhone viewing a map that tells me where I am, and what beautiful architecture exists around the corner”. Quoted from an email send to MIMOA by Ryan Taube.

One major advantage of having only digital content is its mobility. The use of wireless Internet will only continue to grow and we see a great opportunity for visitors to be able to reach MIMOA with their mobile phones, or other mobile devices (tomtom?). Travelling is becoming easier, cheaper and the number of city trips (in Europe) is growing. There will be a major change in the use of travel-guides and other city sources. Travellers don’t want to spend hours searching for information, buying heavy travel books, nor do they want to walk around conscious with their small guide book in their hands. As a global traveller you want inside niche information on the spot.

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