Pitch #3: UNITiD

Author: Naomi, Posted: October 25th, 2010

At the Architecture @DDW network reception 6 companies will present themselves during a 10-minute pitch in an informal setting.
All 6 are practicing some kind of interesting business that’s rubbing to the field of architecture in some kind of way…. Curious? Come and join us!

Pitch #3 is hosted by UNITiD:

UNITiD is a unit of interaction designers based in Amsterdam. We design digital products. Like the MIMOA website, MIMOA layer on Layar and most recently the iPhone app. The iPhone app is based on a product we are developing, called MAPPS. MAPPS is developed to offer clients an affordable location based application. If you have a database with details of restaurants, sales points, parking areas, or buildings? With Mapps you can easily make this information available to your customers.

For more info on UNITiD, visit their website: www.unitid.nl
Want to attend their presentation?
Visit the Architecture @DDW network reception. Online registration in advance is obligatory!

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