Pitch #5: 40WATT

Author: Naomi, Posted: October 25th, 2010

At the
Architecture @DDW network reception 6 companies will present themselves during a 10-minute pitch in an informal setting.
All 6 are practicing some kind of interesting business that’s rubbing to the field of architecture in some kind of way…. Curious? Come and join us!

Pitch #5 is hosted by 40WATT:

WATT’s new!?
Three entrepreneurs from different disciplines that have joined forces to take city promotion to the next level. 40WATT is a proactive promotion and production studio, situated in Eindhoven. The focus is currently on ‘our own’ city, with Eindhoven in the limelight, but plans to conquer other cities are firmly underway. 40WATT distinguishes itself from the competition with an enormous network of entrepreneurs, institutes and suppliers as well as new links with creative freelancers. We always find a good match between client and freelancer so that we can achieve the very best results from them both. The inner city is our home and we therefore know like no other all that’s going on. We listen and build bridges. 40WATT is slightly cheeky and wonderfully innovative!

Concept, co-realisation and sale of the VVV campaign ‘This is Eindhoven’.

For more info on 40WATT, visit their website: www.40-watt.nl
Want to attend their presentation?
Visit the Architecture @DDW network reception. Online registration in advance is obligatory!

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