MIMOA: the story #19

Author: Naomi, Posted: November 16th, 2010

Content Selection and Quality.

How about the ‘old buildings’?
We’ve never stated on our website that we only want to publish actual, or new buildings. Somehow it just works this way, that people add what they feel, needs to be added. And most of the time, the contributions are not the projects that are covered in main stream tourism books/sites/guides, but the ones that are not (yet) in the all-to-familiar-tourist-guides. Buildings everybody knows about, are not that interesting. Of course, eventually they will be included, and we would never ‘dismiss’ the contributions, because it is a ‘too old building’. The community has got lots of tools to filter and rate the projects – let’s keep the assessments, the reviewing-factor with the public. But there is a sense of what is ‘modern’- it somehow starts with 1900. Oh, and yes, this might also be an answer: you need to fill in the name of the ‘designer’, and credit the individual, the author of the work – a concept that hasn’t been around that long.

Selecting content
Apart from the quality, it is much more interesting to see how the visitor chooses from the quantity of objects. How does he choose to select the projects he wants to see on his next two-day trip to Amsterdam? On selecting the content itself: this is where the crowd comes in. From the group of registered members, maybe only 10 % actively publishes projects. But the remaining 90% consumers are also contributing, unintentionally or not. They use all other ‘Web 2.0-features’ MIMOA has to offer. We can track the popularity of a project by all other movements the consuming public makes: the use of the comments-box; rating; adding information on your profile; making your favorites lists; mark where you’ve been; select and create a personal architecture guide; tell a friend – it all contributes to the database. All this data is then returned to the site, and you can easily find out which projects are worth visiting in a certain city.
No one is as smart as all of us.

Photo by Jens Lindhe, of the 8 house by BIG, Copenhagen.

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