MIMOA covered in National Dutch Newspaper NRC Next

Author: Naomi, Posted: March 20th, 2011

Promotion, like other aspects of building a company, takes time and effort. We’ve been followed by insider’s weblogs, analysed by architecture magazines, and quoted by other social media start-up’s for a while now. And this week we found, little over three years after launch, recognition from the Dutch National (quality) newspaper NRC Next.

Although ‘getting ink’ isn’t our main priority (read here what is) we’re really proud to see that "the new generation of highly educated news consumers (<39 years)" love to read about MIMOA and are eagerly spreading the word. We hope with this publication to reach out beyond the core of our architecture-minded audience to those ‘culturally interested travellers’ out there, who’ve been to Paris twice before and want to find a bit more to admire than the Eiffel Tower. With architecture as our mutual obsession, there is a wealth of new talent to hunt down and architectural treasures to be unearthed. Mi Modern Architecture, happy to be discovered by you, enjoy!



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