Killer architecture apps – an overview by architecture magazine Mark

Author: Naomi, Posted: March 7th, 2012

There are all kinds of architecture related applications for your mobile device. Apps to help you run your business, apps to draft and draw. Architecture magazine and news apps. Inspiration-apps on architectural photography and 3D images. Complete life works, monologues, catalogs and portfolios have been re-sized to fit your mobile device. You can find lists of architecture quotes and for even more entertainment: apps with architecture quizzes. Technical apps to see the future or (maybe better) remember the past. Also apps that show you what could have been, or would have been if only there was more money / more courage / more time / more vision / less problems (choose whatever fits best). You can even add your rating and comments and with doing so, add to the never ending discussion on what’s ugly and what’s not… And did you know that Zaha Hadid Architects also has an ‘official app’?

The English-language architecture magazine Mark has published an article about apps. Killer architecture applications for your mobile phone. The MIMOA iPhone app is also included. What the article confirms is that, amongst all these nice (or is it ‘niche’?) apps, the one functionality that really adds to the mobile-world we now live in, is the ‘guide-app’. Showing you what architecture is near you, when you’re there. Making sure you will never again miss that one building, just around the corner.

mark #36You can find the article in edition #36 of the Mark Magazine. Or, download the full article here.

Go to the itunes store to download the MIMOA iPhone app on your mobile.


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