Mi Destination: Sara’s favorite sights

Author: Margot van der Kroon, Posted: May 23rd, 2017

Sara’s love for Singapore runs deep: “If I would be offered a job there, I would certainly head back. I try to visit at least once every two years.” In this blogpost she shares her favorite sights and stories of the island.

"During my time as a tour guide, I’d loved to uncover the hidden gems around the island. The stories of the development of certain sights are amazing; buildings under construction are my favorite places to visit. It offers a deeper perspective and understanding of an area and why a building is constructed."

Also, during the tour she used to go for local dishes. “Just thinking about curry puffs, chicken rice and laksa makes my mouth water!” The things you definitely must see while visiting Singapore, according to Sara, are:

Model_of_Singapore_Central_Area_-_taken_from_Singapore_City_Gallery_Third_Floor,_Mar_2014photo: Model of Singapore Central Area by Daigordai

1. URA Singapore City Gallery: various models of the city. The model of the city center at scale 1:400 is a resemblance of the real city. Every new project needs to be tested in this model before building permits are granted. It offers a great overview of how architecture has changed over the years.  

Pinnacle Duxton & IM Pei Singapore

photos by Sara Caris: The Pinnacle @Duxton (l) and The Gateway (r).

2. The Pinnacle @Duxton:  a social housing complex with running track from ARC and RSP architects. It combines 6 huge apartment buildings connected by 2 running tracks. This social housing complex was built after a design competition, the first of its kind.  A fun thing to do, it’s also possible to visit one of the tracks!

3. Gate Way East and West: 2D building (IM Pei):  “A golden oldie, but I love how these buildings look flat from certain angles. When the windows are being washed, it looks totally surreal”.

Do as the Singaporeans do…

"Singapore has an amazing atmosphere, there you feel the energy vibrating and opportunity is buzzing all around. The Singaporeans are very inquisitive and explorative by nature, they always want to know what you have eaten – simply to make sure you are OK. "

“What absolutely amazes me is that the Singaporeans, as citizens, are very much involved in the development of new buildings from the start. When starting a new building project, the government arranges shuttle busses and food courts for people at the construction sight so they can just get a ‘sense of place’. For them it's fun trip, to check out new projects – they are led by their curiosity." 

"In short, Singapore has a very hands-on approach when it comes to getting people involved in city making. "In Western culture, we could certainly learn a lot of their openness and care!"


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