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Author: Margot van der Kroon, Posted: July 28th, 2017

48810_l_LX factoryphoto by Ricardo Junqueira: LX Factory

Recently Margot, copywriter at MIMOA, and her friend Julian visited the Lisbon – as a stop on a work and travel trip. She gladly shares her experience with you:

Traveling with ‘lucky Juul’, our trips always become a fest; seriously easygoing, the kindest people and sweet surprises just around the corner. She’s curious at heart, that gal! And sure a better driver then I am. ‘Cause she handled the steep hills and dense city center of Lisbon – with its small cobblestone streets and many cars – like a pro while she drove our rented Fiat Punto.

The fast-paced life in Lisbon

Little bars, green wine, an active street life – our wonderful AirBnB hosts Daniel and Maria introduced to pleasures of the city. They rented out their small place in Alfama regularly and Maria shared the best go-to’s up in her introduction. She figured out quickly that we are the kind of slow travellers and always want to explore the little quirks of a place.

Tip! Being a food stylist, Maria knew that on some Saturday nights ‘secret Chinese restaurants’ open their doors for public. So she and Daniel took us out for diner. You’ll recognize the place by the balloon hanging outside the window.

Lisbon has a rich history and you can see that in the complete structure of the town, not just in Barrio Alto, Alfama and Príncipe Real. For example, the district of Bélem is has many tourist attractions. This is where the Portuguese explores set sail towards South America. The traditional pastries are famous here.
Here are a few things you can do as well:

LX Factory

LX_Factory blog2photos by Ricardo Junqueira: LX Factory

As you enter the city by car, you must find that the Ponte 25 de Abril strikes a chord! The bridge was build by American Bridge Company, the same company that produced San Francisco’s Oakland Bay bridge. Just below the bridge near the district Belém you can find LX Factory. The old factory area is being re-used as creative space with restaurants, shops and galleries.

Go see the Kairos Pavillion. The LX factory it’s not just a place for leisure. It’s also a good spot to open up your laptop. Work is so much better in a creative and inspirational environment!

Just outside of the city

The many surf attributes in the ships at the LX factory remind you that Portugal is a magnificent surfing hotspot. Julian and I both love to catch a wave and this city also makes a perfect starting point if you want explore the coastal lines. Many surfers continue to visit the beaches of the Algarve.
However if you were just planning on a short city stay and explore the beaches or outside than you should check out Sintra. In just under 20 minutes you are on the beach or you can visit The National History Museum if you prefer your ‘shot of nature’ more cultivated.


In Sintra you can also find the national palace of Pena with it’s gardens. The palace on the grounds is the Versailles of Portugal and is open since the 1910’s. Visit the place for it’s Rococo castles or stroll along the gardens…

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