3 Lisbon favorites by Pedro Gadanho

Author: Mieke, Posted: August 28th, 2017

PG Adelno Oliveira(1)_cropOf course Pedro Gadanho, director of MAAT – Museum of Architecture, Art and Technology, did not leave us high and dry when it comes to sights to check out!

Earlier he shared his insights on Lisbon and the role of contemporary architecture in the city, as our selected MIMOA mayor. In the second part of his Q&A with MIMOA founder Mieke, Pedro Gadanho shares three of his favourite spots in the city.

1. Galeto


“I’ve been doing interiors for a long time, and I have even put my work of Orange House on MIMOA. Because of that I would recommend to go, to this cafeteria with this classic 60’s /70’s design interior Galeto’s. You can grab a steak there even around 2 in the morning, and check out the people from the nightlife. Galeto is perfect, if you want to immerse yourself in a retro atmosphere!” 

Galeto is located in the city’s Saldanha district near Campo Pequeno. A long bar with swivels snakes across the floor, or sit in one the booths while you’re there. Galeto is around for nearly fifty years and a bit off the tourist trails – so this one is for the true city dwellers.

2. Parque das Nasçõas – The ‘98 world expo site


For a ‘huge concentration of architectural gems’ you absolutely need to go to the ’98 world expo site’, tells Pedro. “You have the Pavilion of Portugal by Siza Vieira, you have Ciência Viva, the Pavilion of Knowledge by Carrilho da Graça. And I also have to mention the Gare do Oriente Station, by Calatrava. There are just so many things to see here!” 

“Expo terrains can look a like vacant, empty places when not being re-developed properly, this sight is a good example of an expo that turned into a vibrant village within the city itself”.

3. Restaurante Panoramico de Monsanto


“This place is surely worth to rediscover!” tells Pedro Gadanho and it even upholds a special memory to him. “It’s a sort of lost architecture, it’s abandoned since the 70’s – it’s UFO architecture.”

“In the early 00’s we briefly blasted life into the place with the Experimenta Design biennale. We turned it into an instant disco for one night. It was amazing, 3000 to 4000 people came. Unfortunately, the fire department came – declared that the building was not safe for usage – and cleared it out, until today.”

The round building of the Restaurante Panoramico is sitting at the top of a hill, in the forests of Monsanto, just before Lisbon and the largest green patch in the city. “The location is amazing, because you have an absolute view of all of Lisbon. The Restaurant Panoramico now looks like a weird ruin, a misplaced form of Eastern European architecture. Except that this building rather has Facist origins, rather than Communist.”

As of this month, the Restaurante Panoramico is re-opened to the public. 

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photo of Pedro Gadanho by: Adelno Oliveira

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