Donating to MIMOA

Author: Mieke, Posted: April 25th, 2018

We have done our very best, but unfortunately we did not achieve our funding goal at Kickstarter.
The outcome is different than hoped for, but at the same time we are very proud of what we have achieved and of all the positive and positive reviews / tweets / posts we received during the campaign.

What happens now?
MIMOA needs a technical innovation to keep up with the current digital developments and to continue to grow, that is a fact. So we will consider how we can shape the future of MIMOA and how we can raise the essential investment in other ways. We are not giving up!

Donate directly to MIMOA!
Unfortunately all donations that came in on Kickstarter are automatically refunded. As some of the backers indicated to wish to give the donation anyway, we decided to offer the option to donate directly to MIMOA on our own website. If you love and care for MIMOA, you can here voluntarily donate to MIMOA:



Every little bit helps and with your donation we can still make the first steps towards a new MIMOA!

Read here more information about how to donate and what you can, connect and profit from your donation: mimoa.eu/blog/donate

Thank YOU! ­čĺÜ