MIMOA stops permanently

Author: Mieke, Posted: May 12th, 2019

After 12,5 years… the curtain falls for MIMOA.
I would like to thank the dedicated fans, users and partners, who co-created MIMOA, for all the effort, support and joy in the past years.
It was an honour to assist you all in your search for the architectural gems around the World and it was with great joy to see that by handing you the simple tools of MIMOA you helped eachother discovering architecture around the globe.

Keep on travelling and sharing!
I am convinced that with all the platforms, socials and apps available these days, you will do fine without MIMOA.

Follow MIMOA on Insta
All social accounts and pages fo MIMOA will end as well, except for the MIMOA Instagram account. This insta account will stay in the air and will be managed by Nazar, one of the most active MIMOA members. Follow him on Insta and stay tuned to discover great architecture

May 23rd MIMOA.eu will shut down permanently.
All project and account info will be removed. If you wish to download any info or guides from MIMOA, make sure to do it before this date.

All the very best to you all!

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