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Croatian Architecture on show in Amsterdam

Author: Naomi, Posted: August 24th, 2009

Arcam Croatian Exposition Sea Organ, Zadar, by architect Nikola Basic

Continuity of the Avant-Garde
19.09.09 – 07.11.09
‘What is so avant-gardist about Croatian architecture of the 20th and 21st centuries?’, Adolf Stiller (Viennese architect and critic) once asked himself. To answer this question, the exhibition ‘Continuity of the Avant-Garde – fragments of Croatian Architecture from modernism to 2009′ was put together in collaboration with the Croatian architecture magazine Oris, and will be on view this autumn at Arcam.

The exhibition shows projects from three distinguished periods: the thirties, the fifties and sixties and the nineties up until 2009. The focus is on villas, housing blocks, schools, churches, monuments and infrastructure projects in cities such as Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik, with work by, among others, Frane Cota, Stjepan Planić, Nikola Dobrović, Ivan Vitić, Kazimir Ostrogović, Hrvoje Njirić and 3LHD.
Even if they do not directly answer the question posed, together these projects nevertheless give the outsider an idea of the wonder that has taken place in Croatia over the past century and therefore raise another question. How is it that in an unsettled period with so much war, architecture of such a high quality has come into being?

Symposium, Book presentation and opening – 18.09.09
Specially for the Amsterdam edition of this touring exhibition, the opening will be preceded by a debate about Croatian architecture.
13.30 Doors open
14.00 Word of welcome by Maarten Kloos (director of ARCAM)
14.10 Symposium part 1: speeches by Andrija Rusan (publisher and editor of Oris) and Vedran Mimica (director of Berlage Institute)
15.00 Interval
15.30 Symposium part 2: discussion with Vera Grimmer, Tadej Glažar, Maroje Mrduljaš (editors Oris) and the speakers chaired by Maarten Kloos
16.30 Presentation of the book Different Repetitions: Buildings & Projects 1999 – 2009 by Branimir Medić and Pero Puljiz
17.00 Interval
17.15 Opening of the exhibition Continuity of the Avant-Gard by Josip Paro, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to The Netherlands

Admission is free. Please sign up via:

MIMOA offers a preview of several projects that are covered in the exhibition. To see them all, click here.

Also organising an exposition, and want to use MIMOA to publish your projects online? Let us know.


Wow! 2000 projects live!

Author: Naomi, Posted: January 20th, 2009

MIMOA guide: 2000 architecture projects live

Within 12 days, we went from 1922 to 2000! An amazing achievement, and with great acknowledgement to Ryan Taube, architect, avid traveller and dedicated MIMOA-member, living in Los Angeles. He spent his free day to upload 20 projects all at once. A BIG THANK YOU and present well earned. 

On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 7:25 AM, MIMOA Naomi Schiphorst <naomi[at]> wrote:

    Hey Ryan,

    Did you have some time off work the past few days?




2009/1/20 Ryan Taube wrote:

Haha.. well, we did have a national holiday here yesterday, Martin Luther King Day, and that day typically isn’t spent with families like the Christmas holidays, so all of the projects that have been partially completed over the past few months came spilling out. :)    Once I finished 5 projects, a 6th isn’t that much harder.. and then 7, then 8.. next thing I knew it was midnight last night.. and now I’m up early for Inauguration Day.


Ryan: thanks very much for your passionate contributions to MIMOA, as not only your constant upload of projects but especially your constructive comments on the web development and feedback on new features are of great support to us. Thanks, for your continuous enthusiasm.


Almost …

Author: Naomi, Posted: January 10th, 2009

With little more to go, we can soon celebrate this milestone of 2000 unique projects live! That’s an average upload of 4 projects a day, since our launch in September 2007.

Almost 5000 individuals have registered to MIMOA, and all add to the website by sharing their experience, photos and work, to help find those projects and make the lives of other architecture-lovers a bit easier.

Let’s see how fast we can get to the 2000: get those images off your cameras, and publish your recent shootings! You can keep track here  to see how many projects are live right now.

Here’s a small incentive: the contributor who has submitted the 2000th project, will receive a MIMOA-present. (Uncomplete entries and projects that are already live do not count). 

Go here to upload a project, or register first.


MIMOA is Global

Author: Naomi, Posted: December 6th, 2008

For relatively new visitors, this blogpost is no news at all…  And most of the dedicated users have already seen it: MIMOA IS GLOBAL. So, this is just for the record.

Six months after launch in September 2007 we’ve opened up our borders, and widened our views. We started with Europe, and in the beginning of 2008 have expanded our horizon. That’s why we still have more projects in Europe than in any other continent. But as you can see, the contributions are coming. Enjoy.


Meet us in Venice

Author: Naomi, Posted: August 31st, 2008

MIMOA modern architecture map venice

Even if you’ve never been to Venice, you will know the Piazza San Marco, or the Ponte di Rialto from images of films and famous postcards. The city is filled with magical and amazing piazze, campi, calli, canali, basiliche, ponti, palazzi, chiese and musei.

We couldn’t travel to the laguna without a profound research for ‘new and fresh’ projects. It became a true challenge when we received this cautious comment from a Venetian MIMOA member: "You have to know that contemporary architecture is not well accepted in Venice. Actually, I would say, it’s banished. As regards cool/hip/modern places, there aren’t so much. Venice lives of the past ages… ".

But even in this city, notoriously resistant to change, some unexpected and interesting ‘modern’, ‘contemporary’ and even ‘recent’ projects can be found. With some help from our Italian members we collected ten highlights on our exclusive printed map, which we plan to hand out (personally!) to all those like minded architecture lovers that will swarm the city during the Biennale.

So meet us in Venice, from the 18th untill September 23.
On Sunday the 21th we’ll be presenting MIMOA in the
Teatro Piccolo.

You can also find the projects online on MIMOA, of course.
Here’s a selection: Swiss architect Mario Botta got his hands on the Fondazione Querini Stampalia, a palazzo which was already renewed by famous Venetian Carlo Scarpa in  the 1950s. The first phase of David Chipperfield’s 1998 winning proposal for the San Michele Cemetery extension has finally seen the light, and the second phase is now under construction. The area of La Giudecca is now under some serious renovation, under the supervision of Cino Zucchi. The fourth (and depicted unnecessary, expensive and disfunctional) bridge over the Canal Grande Ponte di Calatrava will be finished this summer. And finally, not to be excluded are the master’s powerfull projects with eclectic detailing: Scarpa’s small pearls.

Here for a complete overview of all Venice projects.
Did we miss any? Go add them yourself or email us.


Venice´s Modern Architecture Map

Author: Naomi, Posted: August 31st, 2008

Sketch MIMOA Venice map modern architecture

MIMOA will be in Venice during the Architecture Biennale, in the weekend of 19-21 September. For this trip we’re currently assembling an exclusive printed map of Venice. This map helps you find "great-small-insiders-not-yet-featured-in-mainstream-guides-projects". 

Want it? Meet us in Venice.


a+t and MIMOA

Author: Naomi, Posted: March 15th, 2008

a+t themes

Since last week the internationally operating a+t architecture editions has started to share their publications on MIMOA.

a+t is an independent magazine for architecture and technology. They publish a bi-annual magazine and books in themed series, like civilities, density, affordable housing and flexibility, mixed uses and the privatisation of urban spaces. All their publications are in Spanish and English and without advertising. a+t searches for committed projects and distances itself from commercial or self-centered projects.

a+t and MIMOAThis cooperation provides MIMOA with high quality contributions and expands the visibility of a+t. They will add several projects to MIMOA, all summaries of the original articles. Each publication is accompanied by the a+t sticker which will lead you to the corresponding book or magazine in which the project is featured.

The publications of a+t will also be used as a showcase for architects to see what kind of projects are published in a+t. So architects, if you wish to send your project to a+t magazine for review, make sure to send a project that suits their interests.


1000 projects live

Author: Naomi, Posted: February 5th, 2008

Sondika Airpoirt Bilbao

Contributor HJI has published project number 1000! And the same evening this record was already surpassed. The community of MIMOA is growing, and so is the content. A total of 191 active contributors regularly publish projects to the website. Some 626 photographers have added their pictures, and 803 designers are now included in our database. Have fun!


Any Portugese in the house?

Author: Naomi, Posted: January 6th, 2008

Coimbra Architecture

Does anybody know the details of this project? The photo is made by Carlos Dias, and is located in Coimbra. But that’s all we know. You can see more photos of this project on Carlos’ flickr site. If you have any information, reply to this post, and with enough feedback we can publish this project on MIMOA!

Here you see the location where this photo was taken:

coimbra location unknown project


fast forwarding

Author: Naomi, Posted: September 13th, 2007

Bikuben Student Residence

Things are going really fast now. In the last few days, we’ve received many messages with compliments, new ideas, critical questions and congratulations on the concept of MIMOA. Thanks very much: in preparation for the launch and upcoming pitch, this feedback is more than welcome. Not only did we receive messages, but in the last 24 hours MIMOA was replenished with over 100 members, about 4000 new visitors and 10 fresh projects online. One of which is this amazing student housing, click on the green button on the right. MIMOA