MIMOA iPhone app v1.0 First testimonials & new update v. 1.01

Author: Naomi, Posted: June 6th, 2010

It’s been one week since the launch of the MIMOA iPhone app v.1.0, and we thought we’d share some testimonials from our users, alongside some feedback information about the latest update (version 1.01), and upcoming improvements for 1.1

RyanTau 28.05.2010:

The MIMOA app is a must have for anyone interested in architecture and travel. With an impressive database of thousands of projects throughout the world, it provides instant information on your architectural surroundings. The beauty of it is that since it is linked to the www.mimoa.eu website, new projects are continually being added daily, making the app even more robust. I wish I had this 10 years ago, when I was student travelling through Europe! :)

Bedrijf2 01.06.2010

Cool app, great planner. Would seriously recommend it makes your travels much more interesting and flexible.

Inge K 01.06.2010

Nice app, discovering all kinds of beatiful architecture in my city which I never even knew existed!

Amsterbellie 01.06.2010

Great app from user generated architecture database. It takes a couple of minutes to install and download all the projects the first time. So use wifi and be patient. It’ll make you happy :-)

Some optimist 30.05.2010

This makes things easier

Thomas Traveller 28.05.2010

Great tool for travelers and architecture lovers. Full of information. Helps to navigate and find the places to be. A must for everybody who likes to travel and visit modern architecture.

Tjoemie 30.05.2010

You travel in Europa and you don’t want to miss buildings by Le Corbusier or Zaha Hadid? MIMOA is the answer.

ntorquati 28.05.2010

Una guida veramente ben curata mi piace Moltissimo! Da avere per addetti al settore e non!

New update 1.01 launched
Some users have reported to experience some problems with the app v 1.0, amongst which a bug related to the latest update of new projects on the website. Switching between list- and mapview of a selection of projects that contained one or more latest contributed projects, would result in an inconvenient crash. This is now fixed in the latest update version 1.01, launched last Friday 4th. So, make sure to update your app.

Feedback and feature requests for next version 1.1
We get quite some usefull feedback from our users, which is great. We’re constantly working on improvements, and next Tuesday we will finalize the list of updates for version 1.1. If you have any (new!) bugs to report, write a comment underneath this post before Tuesday the 8th of June, always include the type of device (iPod/iPhone3G/3GS) you’re using and if you have wifi or not. Please do not re-send any known issues (see these comments).

When sending in feature requests: please bear in mind that the app is not an extension of the features & functionality that you find on the website. It does not have all the same filter, sort and browse functions that the website offers. It’s main focus is a ‘guide’: it shows all projects nearby your location. We take all (reasonable) comments into account for our next update.

You don’t have the app yet?


The MIMOA iPhone app was featured as ‘What’s Hot’ in the Dutch iTunes store, next to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol application and KLM Dutch Airline.


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