More improvements for MIMOA iPhone app v.1.1

Author: Mieke, Posted: June 24th, 2010


Change of plans: more improvements!
On June 16th we informed you about the MIMOA app update coming soon. We decided to expand and enhance the coming update even more. We wouldn’t appeal to your patience if we weren’t convinced this more extensive update would answer more of your remarks and meet your wishes even better.

What improvements can be expected in the MIMOA app v.1.1?

  • new and improved loading procedure
    reducing loading-time, the option to load/skip project-updates, more accurate search for your current location
  • stability improvement
    hopefully preventing those hitches and crashes
  • search optimalisation
    in terms of defining relevancy of search results and improvement of the lay out to make it more user-friendly
  • designers filterlist truly alphabetic
    no difference in capital or lower-case
  • lay-out optimalisations
    f.i. background photos turned to black, photos turning to landscape view, cleaner outlining and minimum fontsize in mapview and several other minor improvements

When can you expect the update to be available?
We increased the pace and set ourselves the goal to have the work done before the end of this week. And as we see it now, we will be able to submit this great update to Apple coming Friday at the latest.
The release date depends on response-rate of Apple. If you want to be one of the first to know, follow us on twitter.
We’re sorry to keep you waiting just a little longer, as promised it will be well worth it!

You don’t have the MIMOA iPhone app yet?
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