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Author: Naomi, Posted: August 31st, 2008

MIMOA modern architecture map venice

Even if you’ve never been to Venice, you will know the Piazza San Marco, or the Ponte di Rialto from images of films and famous postcards. The city is filled with magical and amazing piazze, campi, calli, canali, basiliche, ponti, palazzi, chiese and musei.

We couldn’t travel to the laguna without a profound research for ‘new and fresh’ projects. It became a true challenge when we received this cautious comment from a Venetian MIMOA member: "You have to know that contemporary architecture is not well accepted in Venice. Actually, I would say, it’s banished. As regards cool/hip/modern places, there aren’t so much. Venice lives of the past ages… ".

But even in this city, notoriously resistant to change, some unexpected and interesting ‘modern’, ‘contemporary’ and even ‘recent’ projects can be found. With some help from our Italian members we collected ten highlights on our exclusive printed map, which we plan to hand out (personally!) to all those like minded architecture lovers that will swarm the city during the Biennale.

So meet us in Venice, from the 18th untill September 23.
On Sunday the 21th we’ll be presenting MIMOA in the
Teatro Piccolo.

You can also find the projects online on MIMOA, of course.
Here’s a selection: Swiss architect Mario Botta got his hands on the Fondazione Querini Stampalia, a palazzo which was already renewed by famous Venetian Carlo Scarpa in  the 1950s. The first phase of David Chipperfield’s 1998 winning proposal for the San Michele Cemetery extension has finally seen the light, and the second phase is now under construction. The area of La Giudecca is now under some serious renovation, under the supervision of Cino Zucchi. The fourth (and depicted unnecessary, expensive and disfunctional) bridge over the Canal Grande Ponte di Calatrava will be finished this summer. And finally, not to be excluded are the master’s powerfull projects with eclectic detailing: Scarpa’s small pearls.

Here for a complete overview of all Venice projects.
Did we miss any? Go add them yourself or email us.

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