Closed for Holidays….

Author: Mieke, Posted: July 18th, 2011


MIMOA will close her office for holidays from July 25 till August 9, 2011

Rain in Holland…. summer has begun!
After a period of hard work, we’re in need of some relaxing vacation and real sun… MIMOA will close her office from July 25 till August 9.

You’re still able to upload new projects ofcourse, but we won’t be able to publish them online within the 48 hours that we normally strive for. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but we will do our very best to catch up with it after August 9.

Happy holidays everyone. And don’t forget to create your own MIMOA architectureguide (see also: www.mimoa.eu/Using_MIMOA/ under "Mi guide") and download the MIMOA iPhone app before you leave!

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