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Author: Mieke, Posted: May 2nd, 2013

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Intender.net is a platform for architects and by architects: a central place, where the results of architect selections are collected in a clear way and are presented side by side. Intender.net has recently been launched and calls for projects.

Many design projects are started by selections. These selections are related generally to contests, European tenders, and selections of municipalities by businesses and individuals. Frequently an architectural office is selected on the basis of a submission of three to five (preliminary) designs. After evaluating these often extensive designs the final winning choice is made.

Show and compare high-quality results
The designs for selections are rarely shown and hardly ever put together. It is therefore very difficult to compare the different design solutions and see under which conditions these designs are made. These actual and often high-quality designs are lost because no platform to present them existed until now.

For and by architects
Intender.net is a platform for architects, by architects. A central place, where the results of architect selections are collected in a clear way, are presented side by side. The platform is seeking for transparency and appealing to the pride of the design team of the high-quality work that is produced.
Intender.net uses a positive approach (by showing results), trying to create a culture in which excellent selections with remarkable results are being encouraged.

Intender.net is in this moment collecting mostly Dutch design contributions. Architects are being called for projects in this case. The ambition is to extend intender.net internationally shortly. Please do not hesitate email suggestions or possible contributions to intender team.

Robert Winkel : robert@intender.net
Roderick Trompert : roderick@intender.net

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Intender.net is an initiative of the Dutch architects Robert Winkel and Roderick Trompert. The official launch took place in Rotterdam on April 23, 2013. This project is being supported by Creative Industries Fund NL (Sci).

Photos of launch at Stadskantoor of OMA in Rotterdam:



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