Modern Architecture Game: winners announced

Author: Naomi, Posted: October 16th, 2013


MIMOA teamed up with NEXT Architects to give away
5 free copies of the Modern Architecture Game.

The winners are:

Sarah Schrodt
Ron Westland
Ana Golub
Emiliano da Conceicao
Lito Rodousaki

Each winner will receive the trivia game with more than 1000 questions about architecture, by mail.

Also, the first 100 contestants will get a discount voucher that they can redeem when they buy the game through NEXT architects.

We wish all winners happy evenings filled with architecture-joy!
We’re sorry if you weren’t amongst the happy five, but keep an eye one our blog for new raffles to come.


Contestants had to give the following six correct answers to these questions:

q: What are the English terms for the Vitruvian characteristics of architecture: Utilitas, Firmitas and Venustas?
a: utility, durability and beauty

q: Which material plays a central role in the buildings of the Amsterdam School? (the ship)
a: brick

q: In which American city was ‘The New Bauhaus’ founded by Moholy-Nahy in 1937?
a: Chicago

q: What form of entertainment is situated in front of the Rockefeler Center, the largest pre-war private business and amusement centre in Manhattan?
a: ice skating

q: Which Chinese-American became well-known for his renovation and extension of the Louvre in Paris?
a: Leoh Ming Pei

q: With how many clients was this project by NEXT architects realised?
a: Five

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