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Survey outcome and winners

Author: Mieke, Posted: September 29th, 2017

fanbaseTo evaluate and improve our service, we recently called for your help and asked to fill in the survey "Help us build MIMOA 2.0".

Due to the overwhelming amount of entries, we closed the survey earlier than planned. We stopped counting at 500. We would like to thank all of the participants for completing the MIMOA Survey and sharing your valuable feedback. The responses will definitely be of great help in preparation for MIMOA 2.0.

A few anwers we don't want to withhold from you:

Q1: "How disappointed would you be if MIMOA no longer existed tomorrow?"
We are very proud and also moved to see the clear majority indicating to be disappointed. And for even 56% of all participants it would be a deep disappointment.

Chart_Q1_170911_graphQ3: "What is the primary benefit that you have received from MIMOA?"
May be not that big of a surprise, but more a clear confirmation: nearly everyone answered the first option "It helps me prepare for my travels".
One of the biggest improvements in MIMOA 2.0 will be a mobile friendly design (first step of everything!), at some point in combination with a new app for iOS and Android. So in the future we expect to extend the MIMOA experience also during your travels.


Q5: Using scale 1 = Not at all important to 5 = Very important,how can we improve MIMOA to better meet your needs?
This was probably the most significant question for you as MIMOA user and fan. Clearly there is a large consensus that there is a need for improving the current services of MIMOA, as in searching and finding visitors information on architectural objects, worth a visit. On the other hand, you are wishing for finding locals, tour guides, events & curated guides; additional rich media (s.a. video content) and easier ways to rate & review. These are all options that we will investigate and evaluate during this whole process of renewal.


We are very pleased to have received the feedback and often profound feedback of our users and fanbase through this survey. 
Nearly 300 participants offered their future help for testing new functionalities, and we will definitely make use of this kind offer!

And the winners are…

We have raffled 5 copies of the book “Building Community” randomly among all participants, kindly provided by Thames & Hudson.
These are the 5 lucky winners:

Pierre Lion, from Wemmel, Belgium
Fabien Basmaison, from Saint-Germain-Lespinasse, France
David Fernandez Cobarro, from Murcia, Spain
Erik de Lange, from Groningen, The Netherlands
Alexandre de Alcantara, from
Paulista Pernambuco, Brasil


To all other participants: a big thank YOU for participating on behalf of our team and see you on MIMOA!


Help us build MIMOA 2.0

Author: Mieke, Posted: September 4th, 2017

Book Building Community

Complete the survey and WIN!
To help us evaluate and improve our service, we kindly ask 1 minute of your time to complete this survey.

Due to the overwhelming amount of entries, this survey is closed earlier than planned. Thank you all for sharing your valuable feedback!
If you missed the survey and wish to share any comment on the subject, we are happy to receive your feedback. Contact us at

Thames & Hudson provided us with 5 copies of the new book 'Building Community' by Michael Webb to raffle among the participants!
We will soon announce the 5 winners on this page.


New: cultural event calendar

Author: Mieke, Posted: February 24th, 2016

CCCB Adria GoulaSince the beginning of 2016 we launched the MIMOA cultural event calendar: the online guide to international cultural events related to architecture and design.

We just added some very attractive and varying events for the coming months. Check out what's happening in New York, Rotterdam, Paris, London and beyond. And find out when and where to attend a guided tour, interesting exhibition, film night, creative workshop, dazzling party and unique meet & greet.

Are you organizing or do you want to share an event on MIMOA?
Tip us! Email:

photo: ©CCCB. Adrià Goula, 2011


New! Advertisement possibilities on MIMOA

Author: Mieke, Posted: October 31st, 2012

MIMOA has renewed the advertisement possibilities!
Go to this page for more details and our new Mediakit 2013.


Killer architecture apps – an overview by architecture magazine Mark

Author: Naomi, Posted: March 7th, 2012

There are all kinds of architecture related applications for your mobile device. Apps to help you run your business, apps to draft and draw. Architecture magazine and news apps. Inspiration-apps on architectural photography and 3D images. Complete life works, monologues, catalogs and portfolios have been re-sized to fit your mobile device. You can find lists of architecture quotes and for even more entertainment: apps with architecture quizzes. Technical apps to see the future or (maybe better) remember the past. Also apps that show you what could have been, or would have been if only there was more money / more courage / more time / more vision / less problems (choose whatever fits best). You can even add your rating and comments and with doing so, add to the never ending discussion on what’s ugly and what’s not… And did you know that Zaha Hadid Architects also has an ‘official app’?

The English-language architecture magazine Mark has published an article about apps. Killer architecture applications for your mobile phone. The MIMOA iPhone app is also included. What the article confirms is that, amongst all these nice (or is it ‘niche’?) apps, the one functionality that really adds to the mobile-world we now live in, is the ‘guide-app’. Showing you what architecture is near you, when you’re there. Making sure you will never again miss that one building, just around the corner.

mark #36You can find the article in edition #36 of the Mark Magazine. Or, download the full article here.

Go to the itunes store to download the MIMOA iPhone app on your mobile.



update: MIMOA app is free!

Author: Mieke, Posted: December 9th, 2011

MIMOA app for free

In may 2010 we launched the MIMOA app 1.0. Since then the MIMOA iPhone app can be downloaded from the iTunes app store for the likeable price of € 1,59. The MIMOA app turned out to be a success. Many people around the world are enjoying the app to find architecture on the go. You can browse maps based on your location and let your iPhone guide you as you wander through your next destination.

Breaking news: the MIMOA app is now free of charge!
After one and a half year we decided to make the MIMOA app free of charge to make the app even more accessible for all of you!
Download the MIMOA app in the iTunes app store.

What’s next?
We’ve got big plans and high ambitions for the MIMOA app in the (near) future. The design sketches for app version 2.0 are in fact ready. The only thing missing is funding…. So if you know some brand or company who: is seeking for possibilities to reach +100k architects and cultural travellers, identifies itselve with the MIMOA user and would love to be the exclusive sponsor of the MIMOA iPhone app 2.0?


Update: New community buttons

Author: Naomi, Posted: May 23rd, 2011

As some regular returning visitors have noticed, we’ve recently renewed the community buttons on our project detail page. To make sharing of projects even more easier.
The new buttons are located just beneath the photos.The project detail page is the ‘one page publication’ of each project that’s published on MIMOA.
Like this page.

The new community buttons use the AddThis sharing system. They’re fit to the latest (and most used) social media (such as Facebook and Twitter integration). Hope you like (like, like!) and use them frequently! 

Furthermore we’ve been working on several other smaler updates.
Here’s a short summary:


  • Internet Explorer 9 browser related issues with viewing the map (long story. Let’s just say we’re not fan of Microsoft Internet Explorer).
  • States (if there are any) are added to the address field (in the left column on the project detail page). The states are also included in the address field within the Mi guide pdf export.
  • We added several interface improvements on the Content Management System we’re using. This makes content editing and checking easier, and reduces the amount of human errors and therewith corrections afterwards.
  • The bug in the ‘sort by relevance/rating/completion date function’ is fixed.
  • We’ve been working on the performance of the map, and tweaked the code to speed up the view and clustering of projects.

support: iPhone app troubleshooting

Author: Naomi, Posted: April 3rd, 2011

You downloaded the MIMOA iPhone app, and have some difficulties getting the app to work? Here’s a 4 step check-list to systematically search the source of the problem you’re experiencing. These tips will help you resolve the most common application issues.

  1. Are you using the latest iOS firmware on your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch?
  2. Did you install latest MIMOA iPhone app update on your device
  3. Try deleting the app, hard rebooting the device, and reinstalling the MIMOA iPhone app from the App Store. You do not need to pay for it twice, you are prompted to download it again for free.
  4. Do other location / geo-based applications work properly on your iPhone? If not, check your personal settings on your device ….

If none of these tips solve anything, please let us know, and don’t forget to mention the following:

* type of iPhone you’re using + the latest firmware
* the version of the MIMOA app you’ve installed
* are you connected through wifi or 3G
* attach the crash report log files, so we can forward it to our developers

Please send us your feedback. We use it to improve the application. Hopefully we will be able to solve your issues soon. Meanwhile if something changes, we would appreciate it if you let us know.


Parool: MIMOA App of the Day

Author: Naomi, Posted: December 1st, 2010

The MIMOA iPhone APP was choosen ‘App of the day’ by the Amsterdam Newspaper Het Parool on December 1, 2010.
We scored:

Fun: *****
Useful: ***
Interface: ****


More improvements for MIMOA iPhone app v.1.1

Author: Mieke, Posted: June 24th, 2010


Change of plans: more improvements!
On June 16th we informed you about the MIMOA app update coming soon. We decided to expand and enhance the coming update even more. We wouldn’t appeal to your patience if we weren’t convinced this more extensive update would answer more of your remarks and meet your wishes even better.

What improvements can be expected in the MIMOA app v.1.1?

  • new and improved loading procedure
    reducing loading-time, the option to load/skip project-updates, more accurate search for your current location
  • stability improvement
    hopefully preventing those hitches and crashes
  • search optimalisation
    in terms of defining relevancy of search results and improvement of the lay out to make it more user-friendly
  • designers filterlist truly alphabetic
    no difference in capital or lower-case
  • lay-out optimalisations
    f.i. background photos turned to black, photos turning to landscape view, cleaner outlining and minimum fontsize in mapview and several other minor improvements

When can you expect the update to be available?
We increased the pace and set ourselves the goal to have the work done before the end of this week. And as we see it now, we will be able to submit this great update to Apple coming Friday at the latest.
The release date depends on response-rate of Apple. If you want to be one of the first to know, follow us on twitter.
We’re sorry to keep you waiting just a little longer, as promised it will be well worth it!

You don’t have the MIMOA iPhone app yet?
download the MIMOA app

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