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Killer architecture apps – an overview by architecture magazine Mark

Author: Naomi, Posted: March 7th, 2012

There are all kinds of architecture related applications for your mobile device. Apps to help you run your business, apps to draft and draw. Architecture magazine and news apps. Inspiration-apps on architectural photography and 3D images. Complete life works, monologues, catalogs and portfolios have been re-sized to fit your mobile device. You can find lists of architecture quotes and for even more entertainment: apps with architecture quizzes. Technical apps to see the future or (maybe better) remember the past. Also apps that show you what could have been, or would have been if only there was more money / more courage / more time / more vision / less problems (choose whatever fits best). You can even add your rating and comments and with doing so, add to the never ending discussion on what’s ugly and what’s not… And did you know that Zaha Hadid Architects also has an ‘official app’?

The English-language architecture magazine Mark has published an article about apps. Killer architecture applications for your mobile phone. The MIMOA iPhone app is also included. What the article confirms is that, amongst all these nice (or is it ‘niche’?) apps, the one functionality that really adds to the mobile-world we now live in, is the ‘guide-app’. Showing you what architecture is near you, when you’re there. Making sure you will never again miss that one building, just around the corner.

mark #36You can find the article in edition #36 of the Mark Magazine. Or, download the full article here.

Go to the itunes store to download the MIMOA iPhone app on your mobile.



update: MIMOA app is free!

Author: Mieke, Posted: December 9th, 2011

MIMOA app for free

In may 2010 we launched the MIMOA app 1.0. Since then the MIMOA iPhone app can be downloaded from the iTunes app store for the likeable price of € 1,59. The MIMOA app turned out to be a success. Many people around the world are enjoying the app to find architecture on the go. You can browse maps based on your location and let your iPhone guide you as you wander through your next destination.

Breaking news: the MIMOA app is now free of charge!
After one and a half year we decided to make the MIMOA app free of charge to make the app even more accessible for all of you!
Download the MIMOA app in the iTunes app store.

What’s next?
We’ve got big plans and high ambitions for the MIMOA app in the (near) future. The design sketches for app version 2.0 are in fact ready. The only thing missing is funding…. So if you know some brand or company who: is seeking for possibilities to reach +100k architects and cultural travellers, identifies itselve with the MIMOA user and would love to be the exclusive sponsor of the MIMOA iPhone app 2.0?


support: iPhone app troubleshooting

Author: Naomi, Posted: April 3rd, 2011

You downloaded the MIMOA iPhone app, and have some difficulties getting the app to work? Here’s a 4 step check-list to systematically search the source of the problem you’re experiencing. These tips will help you resolve the most common application issues.

  1. Are you using the latest iOS firmware on your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch?
  2. Did you install latest MIMOA iPhone app update on your device
  3. Try deleting the app, hard rebooting the device, and reinstalling the MIMOA iPhone app from the App Store. You do not need to pay for it twice, you are prompted to download it again for free.
  4. Do other location / geo-based applications work properly on your iPhone? If not, check your personal settings on your device ….

If none of these tips solve anything, please let us know, and don’t forget to mention the following:

* type of iPhone you’re using + the latest firmware
* the version of the MIMOA app you’ve installed
* are you connected through wifi or 3G
* attach the crash report log files, so we can forward it to our developers

Please send us your feedback. We use it to improve the application. Hopefully we will be able to solve your issues soon. Meanwhile if something changes, we would appreciate it if you let us know.


Parool: MIMOA App of the Day

Author: Naomi, Posted: December 1st, 2010

The MIMOA iPhone APP was choosen ‘App of the day’ by the Amsterdam Newspaper Het Parool on December 1, 2010.
We scored:

Fun: *****
Useful: ***
Interface: ****


More improvements for MIMOA iPhone app v.1.1

Author: Mieke, Posted: June 24th, 2010


Change of plans: more improvements!
On June 16th we informed you about the MIMOA app update coming soon. We decided to expand and enhance the coming update even more. We wouldn’t appeal to your patience if we weren’t convinced this more extensive update would answer more of your remarks and meet your wishes even better.

What improvements can be expected in the MIMOA app v.1.1?

  • new and improved loading procedure
    reducing loading-time, the option to load/skip project-updates, more accurate search for your current location
  • stability improvement
    hopefully preventing those hitches and crashes
  • search optimalisation
    in terms of defining relevancy of search results and improvement of the lay out to make it more user-friendly
  • designers filterlist truly alphabetic
    no difference in capital or lower-case
  • lay-out optimalisations
    f.i. background photos turned to black, photos turning to landscape view, cleaner outlining and minimum fontsize in mapview and several other minor improvements

When can you expect the update to be available?
We increased the pace and set ourselves the goal to have the work done before the end of this week. And as we see it now, we will be able to submit this great update to Apple coming Friday at the latest.
The release date depends on response-rate of Apple. If you want to be one of the first to know, follow us on twitter.
We’re sorry to keep you waiting just a little longer, as promised it will be well worth it!

You don’t have the MIMOA iPhone app yet?
download the MIMOA app


MIMOA iPhone app update coming soon!

Author: Mieke, Posted: June 16th, 2010

MIMOA app 1.0

It’s been two and a half weeks since the launch of the MIMOA iPhone app v.1.0, and we’ve received quite a lot of compliments, great feedback and reviews since. Last week we shared some testimonials and we’re very pleased to see that our app is doing great in the iTunes Appstore. (f.i.: we’re steady moving around in the top 10 of most popular paid apps in travel category in the Dutch Appstore – 6th place at time of writing).

But we’re aware of the fact the MIMOA app is not perfect yet. Some people are experiencing some tricky problems at starting up, and the stability of the app has to improve to avoid crashing while loading more projects around you and/or switching between different resultpages and the map.

Update v.1.1
Well, we’ve got good news! The last two weeks we’ve carefully been assembling all feedback and bug reports and have been working on the improvement. The most significant issues to be solved in the MIMOA app v.1.1 have to do with the stability and a change in starting up procedure. These improvements will reduce loading-time, give you the option to load/skip project-updates, and search for your current location. Further more there will be some minor changes in the lay-out of the app and the project photos will be shown also in landscape.

Because we take the issues regarding the instability and loading-time very seriously we find it crucial to solve them as soon as possible.

We’re planning to have the new update, MIMOA app v.1.1, ready for review at the end of this week. The release date depends on response-rate of Apple. If you want to be one of the first to know, follow us on twitter.

Feedback & feature requests
We’ve been appreciating all of your feedback, tips and compliments. We try to react to everyone personally. If you have any (new!) bugs to report, feel free to write a comment underneath this post or email us. It will be helpful if you include the type of device (iPod/iPhone3G/3GS) you’re using and if you have wifi or not. Please do not re-send any known issues (see these comments).

When sending in feature requests: please bear in mind that the app is not an extension of the features & functionality that you find on the website. It does not have all the same filter, sort and browse functions that the website offers. It’s main focus is a ‘guide’: it shows all projects nearby your location. We take all (reasonable) comments into account for our next update.

You don’t have the MIMOA iPhone app yet?


MIMOA iPhone app v1.0 First testimonials & new update v. 1.01

Author: Naomi, Posted: June 6th, 2010

It’s been one week since the launch of the MIMOA iPhone app v.1.0, and we thought we’d share some testimonials from our users, alongside some feedback information about the latest update (version 1.01), and upcoming improvements for 1.1

RyanTau 28.05.2010:

The MIMOA app is a must have for anyone interested in architecture and travel. With an impressive database of thousands of projects throughout the world, it provides instant information on your architectural surroundings. The beauty of it is that since it is linked to the website, new projects are continually being added daily, making the app even more robust. I wish I had this 10 years ago, when I was student travelling through Europe! 🙂

Bedrijf2 01.06.2010

Cool app, great planner. Would seriously recommend it makes your travels much more interesting and flexible.

Inge K 01.06.2010

Nice app, discovering all kinds of beatiful architecture in my city which I never even knew existed!

Amsterbellie 01.06.2010

Great app from user generated architecture database. It takes a couple of minutes to install and download all the projects the first time. So use wifi and be patient. It’ll make you happy 🙂

Some optimist 30.05.2010

This makes things easier

Thomas Traveller 28.05.2010

Great tool for travelers and architecture lovers. Full of information. Helps to navigate and find the places to be. A must for everybody who likes to travel and visit modern architecture.

Tjoemie 30.05.2010

You travel in Europa and you don’t want to miss buildings by Le Corbusier or Zaha Hadid? MIMOA is the answer.

ntorquati 28.05.2010

Una guida veramente ben curata mi piace Moltissimo! Da avere per addetti al settore e non!

New update 1.01 launched
Some users have reported to experience some problems with the app v 1.0, amongst which a bug related to the latest update of new projects on the website. Switching between list- and mapview of a selection of projects that contained one or more latest contributed projects, would result in an inconvenient crash. This is now fixed in the latest update version 1.01, launched last Friday 4th. So, make sure to update your app.

Feedback and feature requests for next version 1.1
We get quite some usefull feedback from our users, which is great. We’re constantly working on improvements, and next Tuesday we will finalize the list of updates for version 1.1. If you have any (new!) bugs to report, write a comment underneath this post before Tuesday the 8th of June, always include the type of device (iPod/iPhone3G/3GS) you’re using and if you have wifi or not. Please do not re-send any known issues (see these comments).

When sending in feature requests: please bear in mind that the app is not an extension of the features & functionality that you find on the website. It does not have all the same filter, sort and browse functions that the website offers. It’s main focus is a ‘guide’: it shows all projects nearby your location. We take all (reasonable) comments into account for our next update.

You don’t have the app yet?


The MIMOA iPhone app was featured as ‘What’s Hot’ in the Dutch iTunes store, next to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol application and KLM Dutch Airline.



MIMOA iPhone app available now!

Author: Mieke, Posted: May 28th, 2010

Get the worldwide architecture guide on your iPhone. Discover all modern architecture around you while traveling, or go and explore your own city. The MIMOA iPhone app is now available in the iTunes App store.

The app can be downloaded for just € 1,59.

First 1.000 downloads are free!

The MIMOA app features:

>> locating Modern Architecture near you based on your current location
>> change your location to find Modern Architecture anywhere else
>> detailed information about any project
>> search through the database by category
>> filter search results by type, function, country, city, public or not public
>> switch between list view and map view
>> all data (except images and maps) is stored locally for offline use
>> notify another architecture lover about the MIMOA app and share a project

If you need more information about the MIMOA app, please contact us.

If you would like to cover the MIMOA iPhone application on your website or publication, we are happy to send you a promo code for review.

The MIMOA app is a service provided by MIMOA, sponsored by IPMMC Real Estate and developed by Mapps.


made possible by: IPMMC Real Estate

Author: Mieke, Posted: April 8th, 2010

Worldwide architecture guide on your iPhone.

MIMOA iPhone app

Within a few weeks the MIMOA iPhone app will be available in the iTunes App store. A team of developers is working on the technical development, which is financially supported by IPMMC Real Estate.

IPMMC is a Dutch real estate company, active in consultancy, concepts, management, and the development of complex real estate projects. It is a real estate developer that sets innovative solutions and architecture at the centre of every project. IPMMC has a large passion for architecture and by sponsoring the MIMOA iPhone app they hope to facilitate, inform and inspire all other architecture lovers. The MIMOA iPhone app is being build by MAPPS, the expected launchdate is set for the end of April 2010. The MIMOA app will be available in the iTunes App store for €1,59 or $1,99.

Read here the press release.


update on MIMOA mobile: iPhone app

Author: Naomi, Posted: July 19th, 2009

MIMOA iPhone app As you know, we’re constantly working on new features and improvements on the website of MIMOA. Some months ago, we asked our visitors to give some feedback on the idea of a mobile product for the architecture-interested-traveller. We asked you to place a comment with your wishes, and the result of the poll was clear: please provide us with an iPhone application!

This iPhone app will show all nearby architectural projects, and offers extra information on opening hours, how to get there, and of course photos and descriptions. MIMOA travels with you! A first impression on the left.

Many of you have been asking us by mail: what’s the status? So, here is an update ánd a request:

New iPhone apps are being developed as we speak (write) and can be used as a perfect marketing tool to reach the preferred audience. We still haven’t found the perfect architecture-travel-app that has great usability and up-to-date information. Also this one, by 29GPS Architecture, launched last month, is in our point of view, not exactly what you’re looking for. As can be read from the comments, also according to others: not yet the true travel mate. But, what it does show, is a lot of interest amongst possible users!

Here’s the update:

With the highly consistent and structured content of MIMOA, we can built this product fast and reasonably easy. The interface-design is done, graphics and technical development are covered. We’ve finished a demo and are now looking for a partner to help us conceive it. We are looking for a company or institution that wants to be the ‘launching sponsor’ of the MIMOA iPhone app. With, for instance, 12 months of exclusive advertising on the splash screen. And of course, the corresponding buzz on the MIMOA-website. Not to forget the eternal fame and acknowledgement from the architecture community.

At the moment, the website is not self-supporting, and our personal means are not sufficient. That is why we’re looking for a company or brand that is related to, and wants to expand their brand awareness amongst our visitors. An (international operating) architecture information centre, city-marketeer, publisher of (architecture, design or lifestyle) magazines, travel agency, or software producer, that is relevant for the MIMOA-users: architecture lovers and travelers.

Here’s the request:

If you know anyone working with a company or brand, that fits this description, and might be interested to sponsor the MIMOA iPhone app, please let us know, and help us get in contact.

If you are a keen iPhone user, and if you’re interested, we can send you a link to download the demo to get a good idea of what such a product can do for the promotion of the sponsor.

To get more information about the demo version of the app, the estimated costs, and possible cooperation, you can contact us by email. For any general feedback, ideas, support, or further questions, place a comment.

We would love to hear from you.

Naomi & Mieke


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