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From the development front: a new update.

Since a week several new features are online: an improved menu and set of fresh community tools! This big new release opens up new possibilities on sharing information between visitors by placing comments and rating projects.

Registered users: You can now choose your favorites and mark the projects that you’ve already visited (in real life) by adding “Mi was here”. All projects marked “Mi was here” will turn green on you personal map.

But, most importantly you can share information on yourself on your personal profile, and choose which personal details are revealed to the general public.

MIMOA is a user-generated database, open for everyone to contribute. Architecture-lovers can share their experience and travel details. Architects can publish their projects and show them to the world. We invite the visitor to criticize, run down or acclaim the projects by rating, commenting or pointing out favourites.

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MIMOA entered into cooperation with A10 Magazine. A10 provides a concise and up-to-date survey of the latest developments in European architecture, from the Arctic Circle to the Mediterranean Sea. Together we can bring modern architecture closer to a new and large public.

A10 is compiled and published by architecture critic Hans Ibelings and graphic designer Arjan Groot. It has a network of over seventy correspondents throughout Europe and is often the first to take notice of a new project or building.

To attract attention for A10 and to help MIMOA to get a substantial size, A10 will add some of their projects to MIMOA, with a summary or fragment of the texts from A10. You can recognize the projects that are published by A10 by this sticker. Go here to get an overview. A10


A few latest additions

Need some inspiration for a new destination this summer vacation? Here are some suggestions, contributed by several MIMOA members.


Have a drink and enjoy the views from the docks in Belém at

Bar À Margem

address: Bom Sucesso 1400 Lisbon Portugal
architect: João Pedro Falcão de Campos
contributed by: Kirsten_Hannema


Go fashion shopping in Paris and see the Issey Miyake shop

A-Poc Boutique

address: Rue des Francs Bourgeois 47 75004 Paris France
architect: Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
contributed by: Toffe_Tico


While in Paris you can stay at the luxury design hotel

Hotel Fouquet's Barrière

address: Avenue Georges V 46 75008 Paris France
architect: Edouard François
contributed by: Edou_Bonnema


Endure the heat and see some modern monuments in Rome

Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana

address: Viale della civiltà del lavoro 10 00144 Rome Italy
architect: Giovanni Guerrini, Ernesto Bruno La Padula, Mario Romano
contributed by: Maarten_Scheurwater


Or, to cool down: go swimming at Copenhagen’s hotspot

Harbour Bath

address: Islands Brygge 9 2300 Copenhagen Denmark
architect: PLOT, BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, JDS architects
contributed by: JDS_architects

Who we are

MIMOA was set up by two young architects, living in The Netherlands. Read all about Who is MIMOA, or go to our personal profiles:

Mieke: http://www.mimoa.eu/users/Mieke
Naomi: http://www.mimoa.eu/users/Naomi

Next to come

With only one more update to go, MIMOA will lose its demo-status. We are currently developing the last feature: the advanced search. Like all demo updates you can find the user interface design on our weblog. Here you can get a small preview of things to come.

In September 2007 MIMOA will go outside, and show the world what it is made of. With a small party we want to thank all persons who have helped MIMOA to become what it is now, and to celebrate the official launch of MIMOA 1.0.

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