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Venice Biennale report

During the second weekend of the Architecture Biennale in Venice, we presented MIMOA to the public of Mace, in Teatro Piccolo Arsenale. See us in action.

For those of you who are going to visit the Biennale this Autumn, make sure to check the Venice modern architecture projects on MIMOA. Quite a lot of projects have been contributed, and the national pavilions of the Biennale terrain of in Giardini are pretty much covered. Go see them all in real life!

New updates are live

We've updated some features of the MIMOA website to help you get around on the site easier. Here are two of them:

Update: KML file in the menu

We previously added a single Google-Earth Placemark file, with all MIMOA projects in it. You can download it and save it to your computer. Now we’ve added a link to this file in the menu. With this update it’s far more easy to locate the KML-file.

Update: function list is sorted

To be able to get a clear and easy overview in all 134 project-functions that we have (so far), we’ve ordened them into categories. In the browse pages and in the upload form, the function list is sorted to larger building-type categories. You can easily browse through the database and look for buildings sorted by their function. Great for those references we all need.

Keep an eye on the MIMOA blog for all updates. Do you also have ideas and suggestions for changes, new features or suggestions? Write a comment on our blog and let us know.

MIMOA Mobile?!

Wherever you are, just grab your phone and it tells you which direction to go for the nearest architectural highlight! Never miss a building around the corner. Just quickly check opening hours before stopping that cab and while you’re at it, show the driver the address and picture of that building you are looking for. Want this?

Share your thoughts!


Latest additions

Here's a list of projects that have recently been contributed by MIMOA members:

Saint-Pierre de Firminy Church

Designed by Le Corbusier, finally completed in 2006

Saint-Pierre de Firminy Church

address: Rue des Noyers 1 42700 Firminy France
architect: Le Corbusier
contributed by: goa

Bus Station Casar de Cáceres

The insertion of the compact block creates a new city fragment.

Symfonia Music Academy

address: Damrota 3 40-025 Katowice Poland
architect: KONIO STUDIO
contributed by: pkrajewski

Bridge over Canal Grande

A big coal-grey block that, when sectioned, reveals a white interior.

Barreiro College of Technology

address: Quinta dos Fidalguinhos Barreiro Portugal
architect: ARX Portugal Arquitectos
contributed by: ARX_Portugal

D - Residential building in La Giudecca

A new heart in a cheerless expanse of urban sprawl

Community Centre

address: Johannes-Hoffart-Straße 1 68163 Mannheim-Neuhermsheim Germany
architect: : Netzwerk Architekten, club L94 Landschafts Architekten
contributed by: Bjorn Utpott

Petrol Station

The esplanade is 'framed' by this big 'window', giving a sensation of protection from the inside.


address: Sítio dos Três Castelos 8500 Portimão Portugal
architect: tiagorosado
contributed by: tiagorosado

House Dijk

Privat house with a skin of anthracite-coloured corrugated sheets.

House Dijk

address: Vikna 20 9685 HD Blauwestad Netherlands
architect: JagerJanssen architects
contributed by: Bikkel


Latest Guides

MIMOA visitors create and download their personal architecture guide: the Mi guide. Here are some selected Mi guides that other MIMOA-members have been making.


projects: 20
modified: 07 Oct 2008
created by: Sahil_Latheef



projects: 54
modified: 07 Oct 2008
created by: kmh



projects: 13
modified: 13 Oct 2008
created by: Korben Dallas

More information

MIMOA is a free user generated Modern Architecture guide with addresses and maps. It provides exactly the information you need to visit and find buildings, bridges, parks, squares, interiors and public art. Everybody can contribute projects to MIMOA, and everybody can create their own personal architecture guide out of all these projects. It is the best source of information for your city trip with all Modern Architecture in one view.

Please do reply if you have any suggestions or questions
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