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:Output award for students in design and architecture

Make yourself seen | the :output award
The :output award is open again for registration until February 15. Take part in the biggest competition for students in design an architecture and get your project published in the yearbook :output - or even win the :output Grand Prix with a scholarship worth 3.000 Euro.


The :output award
The :output award is the biggest competition for students in design and architecture worldwide. Every year more than 1.000 students from more than 30 different countries submit their best projects to the competition. A jury of international renowned designers and professors makes a selection which is published in :output.

The Jury
Juliette Bellocq (USA) | graphic design
Elio Caccavale (I/UK) | product design
Kate Moross (UK) | graphic design
N.N (USA) | architecture
Florian Pfeffer (GER) | communication design

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3.000 projects live!

Weíve reached another mighty milestone: 3.000 projects live on MIMOA! And the honour of achieving this amazing number of 3.000 is due to: Andrea Tognon Architecture with his publication of House O in Teolo, Italy. Weíd like to thank all of our contributors, who have helped MIMOA to become the valuable worldwide architecture guide that it is right now.

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Latest additions

Here's a list of projects that have recently been contributed by MIMOA members:

Wrapped around the structure is a fabric screen.

Hospitality infront

address: Millennium Park 8, 6890 Lustenau, Austria
architect: Dietrich Untertrifaller

contributed by: Davidb


Frank Lloyd Wright's only San Francisco building now houses the Xanadu Gallery.

V.C. Morris Gift Shop

address: Maiden Lane 140, 94108 San Francisco, United States
architect: Frank Lloyd Wright
contributed by: haveacupoftea


A space for temporary exhibits

Museu Nacional da Republica

address: Via S Dois Leste, BrasĖlia, Brazil
architect: Oscar Niemeyer
contributed by: haaijk


One of the key formative elements of the image is the application of black, polished granite to the exterior of the building.

Prosecutor's Office of Lithuania

address: Rinktines gatve 5A, LT-01515 Vilnius, Lithuania
architect: : klap
contributed by: pkrajewski


For thermal and water insulation, a polyurethane spray with pink coat is used

Villa Hermina

address: Off the 236, 26751 CernĖn, Czech Republic
HSH Architekti
contributed by: mvolf


Children play, while adults use the square as an outdoor accommodation in their neighbourhood.

Public Playground on Mullerpier

address: Mullerkade 173, 3024 EH Rotterdam, Netherlands
architect: Bekkering Adams Architecten
contributed by: Bekkering Adams


Latest Guides

All MIMOA visitors can create and download their own personal architecture guide: the Mi guide. Here are some selected Mi guides that other MIMOA-members have been making >>
architecture guide basel  
architecture guide new york

architecture guide paris

More information

MIMOA is a free user generated Modern Architecture guide with addresses and maps. It provides exactly the information you need to visit and find buildings, bridges, parks, squares, interiors and public art. Everybody can contribute projects to MIMOA, and everybody can create their own personal architecture guide out of all these projects. It is the best source of information for your city trip with all Modern Architecture in one view.

Go ProPro account on MIMOA

Architects and project team members who have several of their projects published on MIMOA, can use a special service: The Pro account. Promote your office on our large internationally known platform, and use MIMOA for your portfolio: here you can organize all of your projects, add extra pages, edit office description, disciplines, logo and contact-details. Read more>>

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