MIMOA newsletter #4

After the busy month September, a lot of things have happened. Time to look back and give a preview of things to come.

Thanks to a large and growing interest in MIMOA from all over the world, last month the magical number of 1000 registered members was reached ánd passed. Together they contributed over 700 projects and added numerous comments and ratings, within 8 months after our first steps on the world wide web. From last February onward we developed the website into what you see now, and on September the 20th MIMOA 1.0 was launched at Arcam. MIMOA won the Digital Pioneers Acadamy 2007 only one week later. The exposure we've enjoyed has helped to raise the number of individual visitors to 25.000 a month.

Now that the basics of MIMOA are finished and your feedback tells us we are on the right track, we can really start looking at the future. Here's a glance of things to come:

First on our (and your!) list is the Mi guide. To ensure you have all necessary information at hand while traveling through Europe, you can prepare by making your personal Architecture Guide. Select projects, set them in convenient order, and make a pdf or print it. Sounds good? Just hang on, we’re working on it!

Secondly we've got the Premium Profile for architects and project-team members. This is an extended version of the public profile all registered users automatically have. Here you can organize your projects, edit office description, disciplines, logo, contact-details and much more.

But most important, we would like to hear your list. What do you need? If you could ask for one more feature, what would it be? What would you use? What do you miss in the current tools you find on the site? No matter how big or small, don't hesitate to let us know.

A few latest additions

To encourage you to visit and report more on Norway and Ireland, some projects in these two countries which can use some exposure.

Falls Leisure Cente Belfast

Award winning social flywheel on a location in need for revitalization

Falls Leisure Centre

address: Falls Road 11, BT12 4PB Belfast, Ireland

architect: Kennedy FitzGerald & Associates
contributed by: Kennedy FitzGerald & Associates

Hermitages at Glencomeragh House in Kilsheelan, Ireland

Three well equipped comfortable retreats on a hill top


address: Glencomeragh House, Kilsheelan, Tipperary County, Ireland
architect: Bates Maher Architects
contributed by: Emmett Scanlon

House at Richmond Place

An intelligent little brick house in Dublin

House at Richmond Place

address: Richmond Place, D6 Dublin, Ireland
BoydCody Architects
contributed by:
Emmett Scanlon

Undset Visitors Centre

A new visitors centre in front of the home of author Sigrid Undset

Undset Visitors Centre

address: Gamle Nordsetervegen 1, 2618 Lillehammer, Norway
architect: Carl-Viggo Hømebakk

contributed by: Sissil Morseth Gromholt

Svalbard University Research Centre

On a barren island in the Arctic Ocean, an extreme northern location at 78º North

Svalbard University Research Centre

address: The University Centre, N-9171 Longyearbyen, Svalbard
architect: Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects
contributed by:
Claes Sorstedt

More information

MIMOA is a user generated website on Modern Architecture in Europe. It provides exactly the information you need to visit and find buildings, bridges, parks, squares, interiors and public art. Everybody can add projects, comment on them, rate project or add them to their favorites list. It is the best source of information for your city trip in Europe with all Modern Architecture in one view.

Please do reply if you have any suggestions or questions
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