Release Note - New Features

MIMOA is constantly developing, updating and upgrading. We want to make MIMOA even easier, quicker and above all more fun. So here are several updates and new features.

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Update: Making Mi guide more public

Ever since the launch of it's first edition, the Mi guide continues to trigger a growing number of visitors to register to MIMOA and become a member. They are all creating their own architecture guides and want to share them with others. Now there are more ways to easily find and download those guides.

To see all guide-making-activity of other MIMOA members check out the Latest guides. We also added a list of Selected guides: special subjects, unusual contents, or just very popular destinations with lots of projects to see. Have you seen, or did you create a guide that should be in this list? Share it with us!

And finally, on each project, you can see a list of guides which feature the selected project. Just underneath the ‘Opening hours’ and ‘How to get there’ you find a new tab which tells you in who’s guide the project is included. Click on the tab ‘This project is part of x guides’. Easy to click through and find an appropriate guide - instead of making your own.


RSS latest additions

New feature: RSS feeds

We’ve added some RSS feeds so you never have to miss out on new projects. Subscribe to be notified of any changes on the MIMOA website:

1. Easily follow all the updated and contributed projects and subscribe to the free RSS feed on our Latest Additions.
2. If you’re into a specific project, and want to read all relevant comments, you can follow the conversation by subscribing to the free RSS feeds on the comments.
3. And of course, you can subscribe to MIMOA’s weblog - keeping you up to date on our latest developments, news and inside stories.


YouTube embed

New feature on comments: embed You-Tube video's, add some html and subscribe to RSS feeds

Everybody can write a comment on a project; to share your personal experience, opinion and recommendations. Comments often complete the project information, or start a discussion. Now we’ve made it even more interesting to enter your comments, with these new features:
You can add a You-Tube video.
You can add a HTML link, and edit your text by entering hmtl-tags to emphasise your point of view.
Keep up with the conversation by subscribing to the free RSS feeds on the comments.


rating stars

Update: Top rated projects

Registered users can rate their favorite projects by clicking a green star on the page of the selected project. The more stars, the higher the rating. Why rate a project? So the most popular projects will float to the surface. They will be shown in the list of Top rated projects. Why register? To ensure an honest result. Let’s see how long Peter Zumthor’s Therme Vals remains at first place.


picture bird

New feature for Mi profile: add your picture

Now you can add your picture onto Mi profile. Upload your photo, logo, drawing or icon to accompany the text in your personal contributor profile. It’s a small but sweet addition. Go check the profiles of other MIMOA members with a picture.


add to tomtom button

New feature: add to TomTom buttons

Trouble orientating in the little streets in Paris? Let TomTom take your there! Download a project address and some basic information to your portable TomTom GPS navigation system. Click on the ‘Add to TomTom’ button and navigate directly towards your architectural destination.


Send us feedback

We hope you find the new features and updates useful. Many visitors send us requests and feedback and we greatly appreciate it. Please write us if you have any questions or new suggestions.
To give you an insight in our future developments, visit the Tools-section on MIMOA. Or see our weblog to read about
ideas that keep us busy.

Publish and share

Without the continuous supply of new contributions all these new developments are of no use. Without fresh content to see, there is simply no use to start making guides. So don´t just be a consuming visitor, and contribute the projects you´ve visited, designed or built. Share your experience and photos. Publish your projects and let architecture lovers from all over the world enjoy your work.

More information

MIMOA is a user generated guide on Modern Architecture. It provides exactly the information you need to visit and find buildings, bridges, parks, squares, interiors and public art. Everybody can add projects, comment on them, rate projects or add them to their favorites list. It is the best source of information for your city trip with all Modern Architecture in one view.

Please do reply if you have any suggestions or questions
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